Bierman Family Favorites: 2012

Since tonight is New Year’s Eve, I decided I would compile a list of my favorite things from the year 2012. I asked Josh to help, and this is what we came up with as our “Bierman Family Favorites: 2012.” These are in no particular order.


O.K. I lied. Getting married tops the list, but from now on they are in no particular order.


In 2012, we took many trips. Las Vegas with my Dad’s side of the family was one of them.

Duke Chapel

Visiting family in Durham (Josh’s first time to visit)


Visiting friends in Knoxville (My first trip there)


Vacationing in Charleston

Back Top Photo

Graduating from Auburn

Happy Miller

Adopted Miller Bierman in July

FBC On The Square

Finding a body of believers to plug into in our new city

JRB at work

Obtaining big boy/big girl jobs

What is more American than burgers? Also note: our t-shirts and Miller's collar. Go U.S.A.!

Celebrating the Olympics

Beautiful Bride

Celebrating friends’ marriages and engagements

Paige with Washer/Dryer

Making our first big purchase together

This has been quite the year for the two of us, but we’re so excited to see what 2013 will bring. Happy New Year!


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