Holiday Wrap-Up

Does anyone else feel sad because Christmas is gone? I was taking down my decorations last night and felt a small bit of sadness. Being a Scrooge in the past, I am quite surprised I felt this way. However, this Christmas was just really fun! Maybe my heart swelled with love and kindness like the Grinch??

JRB and I have had quite the week. Last Wednesday I got out of school for holiday, so we spent all of Thursday in our pj’s watching and finishing Parks & Rec. Then Friday, along with my parents, we set off to Durham, NC to visit family. We had such a great time catching up with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. A real treat was see my baby cousin who is quickly approaching his second birthday. The last time I saw him was at our wedding in May, and I was blown away at all the new, cool things he is doing and learning. I know next time he’ll be even more advanced! It’s so crazy how fast they grow and learn.

While we were there JRB and I took a visit to Duke’s campus. While there we visited Duke’s chapel (completely awesome and beautiful), Cameron Indoor Stadium, and did a bit of a walking tour thus catching glimpses of other buildings and structures. The following are pictures of our tour (mostly the chapel because I was enamored).

Duke Chapel
Duke Chapel

Duke Chapel

Duke Chapel

Cameron Indoor Stadium

That night we went to Nantucket Restaurant for dinner. It’s a pretty cool restaurant in that pretty much everything is on their menu, and you get a free piece of cake when you order an entree. What’s really funny about our dining experience is that when the waitress was bringing drinks around, the 3-4 waters left on her platter happened to tip over and fall right down my back. Literally, ice cold water went all over the back of my shirt, pants, jacket, and purse. Con: freezing cold, uncomfortable, slightly embarrassing Pro: FREE MEAL As you can see, the pro greatly outweighed the cons!

Water Spillage

Nantucket Restaurant

After an 12-hour trip home (No, 12 hours isn’t normal. We were stopped CONSTANTLY in North Carolina. Traffic was miserable as was my stomach- i.e. car sickness.), Josh and I crawled into bed and awaited our FIRST Christmas Eve as a married couple. We did Christmas together before going to my parents’ house for Christmas Eve dinner and presents on Christmas Day. Miller got in on the action. Like always he thinks he owns everything, including the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas

Josh's Favorite Gift


Since then we’ve been seriously chilling. And by chilling I mean watching Lord of the Rings. I gave him the entire trilogy in blue ray and extended edition, so that counts for about 10-12 of our hours since Christmas. On to 2013!


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