Weekend Update: Cookies and Membership Jackets


This weekend was really great! Wrestling season has officially began because Saturday Josh was off again to a tournament. Don’t worry though, this time when I was left alone I didn’t go into a crafting frenzy. I met my parents in Auburn to do some Christmas shopping for Tytravious ( the cutest 6th grader and best usher you could ever know) and Josh.

Then Saturday night Josh and I went to our Sunday School Christmas party. We ate tons of chili, and I made the homemade chocolate chips I talked about in this post. I made 5 dozens cookies and came home with 4. I guess there were good….? Just in case you want to try them yourselves, here is the recipe.

To top off our awesome weekend, we joined the church pictured up top. That’s right. I braved my fear of walking in front of people to join First Baptist Church on the Square. Josh and I have been attending small group, Wednesday night dinner, and Sunday School there for some time now and just thought it was time to d.t.r. (define the relationship) with this church. It has everything we believe a church should have: sound Biblical teaching, community to hold us accountable, missions opportunities and a budget that reflects a heart for missions, and diversity. An added bonus is that Wednesday night meals are pretty dang good, and the pastor has a British accent. If that’s not a win, I’m not really sure what is.

Josh and I are extremely thankful that the Lord not only answered our prayers for community and an avenue to serve, but really overdid Himself. We are so encouraged by these people. It’s also nice that roughly 80- 90 percent of them have children, so whenever that day comes for us I have no doubt that we’ll be surrounded by people who won’t let us ruin the child. Plus we get to play with the kiddos without being responsible for cleaning, feeding, or discipline. It’s really awesome.

In conclusion, God is great, answers prayers, and knows us far better than we know ourselves.


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