Things Seen and Heard

Monday was my first day back at Callaway Elementary, and boy did I see and hear some good things. Enough that I feel like I should share them. Almost all of the following occurred at ACE (the after school program I work at). I am usually with first and second grade, so these are the conversations that occur between 6-8 year olds.

Girl 1: What should we play today?? We ALWAYS play puppies!!!

Girl 2:  I don’t know….. Kittens??

Girl 1: YEA!!!! Kittens! Let’s play kittens!


Boy: Mrs. Bierman, I’m making the worms a worm hotel!!!! (said while digging in the dirt and arranging wood chips)


Teacher: What would you do if you had a magic wand??

Boy: I’d get a BIG OL’ BIRD!!!!


Boy: If you don’t have any turkey, just stir up chicken a whole lot and it all tastes the same. Now that’s what I call a happy tanksgiving! (I misspelled Thanksgiving on purpose. He pronounced it TANKSgiving)


Little girl who always calls me mommy even though I frequently tell her not to: White mommy! Hey white mommy!

These are a few of the awesome things heard today. My two favorite sightings were as follows:

We didn’t allow the little boys to get out footballs after school. Call us mean, but they fight over them and play WAY too roughly. Instead of playing on the playground or doing something normal, the played imaginary football. One side was Auburn, and the other was Georgia. They had kickoffs, running and passing plays all without a football. I must say it was more entertaining than watching the real Auburn games this year.

While the boys were playing imaginary football, the rest of the kiddos decided to dig for worms. When it was time to leave the playground, we told everyone to leave the worms and line up. When we looked over, one little girl have a really full pocket and dirt falling from her pants. She had stuffed dirt and her worm in her pants’ pocket!! Needless to say, we made her empty her pocket thus completely destroying the worm.

Although working at an elementary school wasn’t what I thought I’d do when I majored in public relations, I must say I surely love it and am constantly entertained.



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