Our Week in Texas

Last Sunday Josh and I left for Houston, TX (Josh’s self-proclaimed “home town”). It’s not really his home town, but since his parents moved there almost four years ago, he’s been claiming it like a true Texan cowboy. Our Sunday began extra early (as in 4 a.m.) because we were meeting brother-in-law Jacob and his pup Luc. Yes, you have that right. For the 10-12 hour trip to Texas it was Josh (male), Jacob (male), Miller (male), Luc (male) and me (female). The trip out really wasn’t that bad minus Miller throwing up in the car.

Our week was awesome though! Monday night Josh and I met up with some of our best friends and recent Houston residents, Jared and Elizabeth. They took us to this amazing restaurant, Local Foods, where, as you guessed it, all of the food comes from Houston-area farmers. It was uber fresh and D-to-the-liscious.

Tuesday was the day we all went sight seeing in Houston. We saw the theater district, Rice village, River Oaks, every one of Houston’s sports arenas, U.S.S. Texas, and ate at a wonderful authentic Mexican restaurant called Ninfa’s. Elizabeth luckily was able to join us for lunch after she took Josh, Miller, and my Christmas pictures. Below is a sneak peek and a photos from our trip to the ship and lunch at Ninfa’s!

Wednesday, one of my favorite days, consisted of me sleeping late, baking with my mother-in-law, and getting our nails done. While we were having an ultimate girl day, the boys went out fishing. They came back with a heaping of fish and fun stories.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, obviously, so we stuffed our bocas with sweet potato souffle, twice baked potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole (which is a top 5 favorite food of mine), and turkey. Mrs. Twila really spoiled us with good food while we were out there. Now it’s back to the day-to-day spaghetti and chicken-n-rice casserole.

Since Josh and I will be with my family for Christmas we went ahead and did Christmas while we were out there. Thanksgiving night we made the transition and opened all of our presents. Let me just say that Josh and I were extremely showered upon. I got several things I had really been wanting plus a few good surprises (like the pajama pants I wore all day Sunday after church), and let’s just say Josh has only taken off his new boots and North Face vest to sleep. In his own words the best parts of our trip were: “1. boots 2. boots 3. boots.”

Friday was a rather relaxing day. The only thing we did was go out shopping/switching sizes in the morning. The rest of the day was spent watching James Bond and playing games.

Although our trip to Texas was FANTASTIC, it is nice to be back. Something I am extremely thankful for is how much Josh and I have grown to love our new city. Change is always hard, so when we first moved here I found myself already wondering when we could move somewhere else. Now that we’ve both started working, plugged into a small group and Sunday school class, and figured out how to get somewhere other than Kroger, we really love this place! I’m so thankful that people are so nice and hospitable, and that Josh and I’s first home together has been such a success.


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