One Thousand Gifts

Hello, my old friends! It’s seriously disturbing how long it’s been since I posted. It’s not from a lack of thinking about it. I’ve thought about blogging A LOT. Josh, Miller, and I have had LOTS of bloggable moments in the last couple of weeks { Miller eating 3 pillows in less than a week, going to the Auburn/Georgia game, attending a first grader’s football game, and hosting couple friends two separate weekends are some of the highlights.} Maybe I can blog about those at a later date because what I’m on now is one of my top 5 favorite books: One Thousand Gifts.

I was reminded of this book Wednesday night at small group. Somehow conversation turned to our attitudes/thanksgiving, and this book popped into my head. It is a great book by Ann Voskamp who also has her own blog {}. I would go into what all the book is about, but honestly there’s so much meat to it that I would end up typing about 100,000 words. So I’ll sum it up in one word: eucharisteo. This word has completely changed my life as I’ve read One Thousand Gifts twice now, and I’m about to begin it for the third time with hopes of completing it by Thanksgiving.

Follow me on this journey, and read it yourselves! Seriously, a great book, but warning: it gets better with time. Each chapter progressively better as does the book each time you read it.



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