Christmas: Apartment Style

Yesterday Josh had to be in Phenix City, AL for a wresting match. Literally as I got home at 4, he was leaving (as in we met at our cars). He didn’t get home until after 11. That’s about 7 hours completely by myself (well, minus Miller). What’s a girl to do with 7 whole hours on her hands???? CRAFTS!!!

Josh and I have been debating on what kind of Christmas tree we want: big, small, fake, real, pre-lit, not. The list goes on and on. Finally, I just made a decision, and this is what happened.

That table. New. That tree. New. That fabric. New. I rationalize this by telling myself that this is our FIRST Christmas, and this stuff will be used each year from now on, thus no purchases next year, right? And the table. Oh, that table. I found it at this thrift/consignment store in LaGrange. It has a crinkle finish that I absolutely love! I can guarantee it’ll find a prominent place to rest once Christmas is over.

I’ve also found that I LOVE using things I already have. For instance, I used those candlesticks, ornaments on a previously owned silver platter, and a frame from our room to accent our Christmas table. I also bought a 99 cent bow at WalMart to put on the wreath we used at our wedding. The wreath did have a burlap bow on it, but that burlap bow got made into a tree topper!

What I love about that wreath is that A.) I bought it for $7 for our wedding B.) I added a 99 cent bow C.) I can change out the bow for any occasion D.) It’s EIGHT TOTAL DOLLARS!! Now if you’re a large, full of greenery kind of wreath lover, then my wreath looks pretty wimpy. But I just really like simplicity.

Another craft of mine was pinecone garland. All I did for this was buy a bag of cinnamon scented pinecones ($4) and a spool of ribbon (50 cents) and tied the two together. Below is the result. It’s not flawless like I had hoped, but I’m ok with them for my first try. My pinecone garland is currently strung up under the floating shelf in our bedroom. It makes our room festive and smell really nice!

I ALSO baked homemade chocolate chip cookies. I went ahead and made a crap ton of dough because I’m bringing cookies to our Sunday School party this Saturday (I know. I know. You can’t believe we actually made friends. We can’t either.). But I wanted to sample the dough because the last time I attempted cookies, it didn’t turn out so well. They were really salty! Weird, I know. The verdict is still out on these. They were finished at 10:20, way too late for me to eat them, and so my taste buds and stomach were turned off to sugar. I did have a taste, and they seemed alright. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that they’re good so I can’t quit looking for a good recipe and won’t have to remake them.

After all of my crafts were complete, I found myself extremely exhausted but very full of Christmas cheer. This is rare for me because I typically am a little bit of a Scrooge. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music or really even Christmas decor, but I’m not sure what has happened. I am ALL ABOUT Christmas this year! My guess is because it’s my first as a Mrs., but I could be wrong….


Things Seen and Heard

Monday was my first day back at Callaway Elementary, and boy did I see and hear some good things. Enough that I feel like I should share them. Almost all of the following occurred at ACE (the after school program I work at). I am usually with first and second grade, so these are the conversations that occur between 6-8 year olds.

Girl 1: What should we play today?? We ALWAYS play puppies!!!

Girl 2:  I don’t know….. Kittens??

Girl 1: YEA!!!! Kittens! Let’s play kittens!


Boy: Mrs. Bierman, I’m making the worms a worm hotel!!!! (said while digging in the dirt and arranging wood chips)


Teacher: What would you do if you had a magic wand??

Boy: I’d get a BIG OL’ BIRD!!!!


Boy: If you don’t have any turkey, just stir up chicken a whole lot and it all tastes the same. Now that’s what I call a happy tanksgiving! (I misspelled Thanksgiving on purpose. He pronounced it TANKSgiving)


Little girl who always calls me mommy even though I frequently tell her not to: White mommy! Hey white mommy!

These are a few of the awesome things heard today. My two favorite sightings were as follows:

We didn’t allow the little boys to get out footballs after school. Call us mean, but they fight over them and play WAY too roughly. Instead of playing on the playground or doing something normal, the played imaginary football. One side was Auburn, and the other was Georgia. They had kickoffs, running and passing plays all without a football. I must say it was more entertaining than watching the real Auburn games this year.

While the boys were playing imaginary football, the rest of the kiddos decided to dig for worms. When it was time to leave the playground, we told everyone to leave the worms and line up. When we looked over, one little girl have a really full pocket and dirt falling from her pants. She had stuffed dirt and her worm in her pants’ pocket!! Needless to say, we made her empty her pocket thus completely destroying the worm.

Although working at an elementary school wasn’t what I thought I’d do when I majored in public relations, I must say I surely love it and am constantly entertained.


Our Week in Texas

Last Sunday Josh and I left for Houston, TX (Josh’s self-proclaimed “home town”). It’s not really his home town, but since his parents moved there almost four years ago, he’s been claiming it like a true Texan cowboy. Our Sunday began extra early (as in 4 a.m.) because we were meeting brother-in-law Jacob and his pup Luc. Yes, you have that right. For the 10-12 hour trip to Texas it was Josh (male), Jacob (male), Miller (male), Luc (male) and me (female). The trip out really wasn’t that bad minus Miller throwing up in the car.

Our week was awesome though! Monday night Josh and I met up with some of our best friends and recent Houston residents, Jared and Elizabeth. They took us to this amazing restaurant, Local Foods, where, as you guessed it, all of the food comes from Houston-area farmers. It was uber fresh and D-to-the-liscious.

Tuesday was the day we all went sight seeing in Houston. We saw the theater district, Rice village, River Oaks, every one of Houston’s sports arenas, U.S.S. Texas, and ate at a wonderful authentic Mexican restaurant called Ninfa’s. Elizabeth luckily was able to join us for lunch after she took Josh, Miller, and my Christmas pictures. Below is a sneak peek and a photos from our trip to the ship and lunch at Ninfa’s!

Wednesday, one of my favorite days, consisted of me sleeping late, baking with my mother-in-law, and getting our nails done. While we were having an ultimate girl day, the boys went out fishing. They came back with a heaping of fish and fun stories.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, obviously, so we stuffed our bocas with sweet potato souffle, twice baked potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole (which is a top 5 favorite food of mine), and turkey. Mrs. Twila really spoiled us with good food while we were out there. Now it’s back to the day-to-day spaghetti and chicken-n-rice casserole.

Since Josh and I will be with my family for Christmas we went ahead and did Christmas while we were out there. Thanksgiving night we made the transition and opened all of our presents. Let me just say that Josh and I were extremely showered upon. I got several things I had really been wanting plus a few good surprises (like the pajama pants I wore all day Sunday after church), and let’s just say Josh has only taken off his new boots and North Face vest to sleep. In his own words the best parts of our trip were: “1. boots 2. boots 3. boots.”

Friday was a rather relaxing day. The only thing we did was go out shopping/switching sizes in the morning. The rest of the day was spent watching James Bond and playing games.

Although our trip to Texas was FANTASTIC, it is nice to be back. Something I am extremely thankful for is how much Josh and I have grown to love our new city. Change is always hard, so when we first moved here I found myself already wondering when we could move somewhere else. Now that we’ve both started working, plugged into a small group and Sunday school class, and figured out how to get somewhere other than Kroger, we really love this place! I’m so thankful that people are so nice and hospitable, and that Josh and I’s first home together has been such a success.

One Thousand Gifts

Hello, my old friends! It’s seriously disturbing how long it’s been since I posted. It’s not from a lack of thinking about it. I’ve thought about blogging A LOT. Josh, Miller, and I have had LOTS of bloggable moments in the last couple of weeks { Miller eating 3 pillows in less than a week, going to the Auburn/Georgia game, attending a first grader’s football game, and hosting couple friends two separate weekends are some of the highlights.} Maybe I can blog about those at a later date because what I’m on now is one of my top 5 favorite books: One Thousand Gifts.

I was reminded of this book Wednesday night at small group. Somehow conversation turned to our attitudes/thanksgiving, and this book popped into my head. It is a great book by Ann Voskamp who also has her own blog {}. I would go into what all the book is about, but honestly there’s so much meat to it that I would end up typing about 100,000 words. So I’ll sum it up in one word: eucharisteo. This word has completely changed my life as I’ve read One Thousand Gifts twice now, and I’m about to begin it for the third time with hopes of completing it by Thanksgiving.

Follow me on this journey, and read it yourselves! Seriously, a great book, but warning: it gets better with time. Each chapter progressively better as does the book each time you read it.