Happy Halloween

I really love Halloween, but it is so much better spending it with kindergartners. They have been counting down the days, discussing their costumes, and strategizing how to get the most candy possible. It. Is. Awesome. Below are some Halloween-ish pictures from lately. Since it’s been quite a while since I posted, let’s try to catch up quickly.



This is the door of Mrs. Cook’s kindergarten class. Decorating doors is one of my favorite responsibilities. Feel free to send me Thanksgiving ideas!


About a week ago, Josh had the WONDERFUL idea of a stay-at-home, fall date night. Activities included: pumpkin carving, eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate, and trying to keep Miller out of trouble. As you can see he LOVED the pumpkin. He ate a lot of the seeds and pulp, which led to an upset tummy the next day. Maybe one day he’ll learn. (P.S. Thank you, Biermans, for giving us these Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs. We don’t drink coffee/hot chocolate daily, but when we do, these mugs make it even more fun!)


This is our patriotic pumpkin. Josh and I were extremely proud of the final result. Considering last year we almost got into an argument while carving our pumpkin and messed it up so badly that we had to throw it away, I’d say this is a win.


Here’s our trouble maker last weekend in Auburn. We went to the Auburn vs. Texas A&M game (still coping with the brutality of the loss), and Miller enjoyed tailgating food, chasing leaves, and doing flips for the corn hole bean bags.


On our stay-at-home, fall date night, Josh and I went to both Kroger and Publix looking for these Halloween cookies. Sadly, neither place had them. However, I found them at WalMart Monday afternoon, and made them last night. I love those little jack-o-lanterns and ghosts!

Happy Halloween! I’m hoping to post pictures from the Trunk-or-Treat at our apartment complex tomorrow. I’m dressing as a mouse, and Miller will be….. to be decided.


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