Oh, the Things We Say

The following are things heard from kindergartners and my husband.

Kindergartner: Mrs. Bierman, I love you. I would love you even if I was dead.

Me: Wow. That’s quite a commitment! Thank you; I love you too.

One Saturday morning-

Josh to Miller: Pup, you can’t just chew your problems away!

Talking about our excitement to see Taken 2:

JRB: He’s going to kill SOOO many Albanians, and it’s going to be AWESOME.

In the classroom to another student:

Kindergartner 1: It’s my turn to talk! You’ve been talking your whole life!

At Chick-Fil-A eating a chicken, egg, and cheese bagel:

JRB: I love eating these because it’s like I’m getting the mom and the baby.

Me: Wait, what?!

JRB: Chicken = mom. Egg = baby

Happy Tuesday, folks!


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