Fall Much Needed Break

Yesterday was my fall break. Sadly, it was only one day, but hey! I gladly took it. It started by sleeping in until 9:15, not eating breakfast, and running from Miller with the vacuum cleaner. Then I took myself to West Point, Ga. to see that man of mine at work. We ate lunch at Irish Bred Pub in West Point’s downtown, and I tried to embarrass him by pretending I was a student. It slightly worked.

Next I set about cleaning, organizing, and bettering our little home. I cleaned bathrooms, did laundry, fluffed pillows, and made our bed. I also stained, bought new hardware, and arranged for our china cabinet. I’ve had it since July when we moved to LaGrange, but seem to just now be getting around to making it like I want. Below is the finished product. If you think it’s bright blue now, just think about what it looked like before I stained it.

I then went on to cooking dinner, talking on the phone to a dear friend, and cleaning my makeup brushes. I cleaned them by mixing 1 Tbsp. of white vinegar with a cup of hot water. They soaked for 20 minutes, and then I rinsed them with hot and cold water. It worked!

One odd/ awesome thing that happened yesterday was I bought a Coke. I know that doesn’t sound that weird, but I pretty much never drink Cokes. I’m strictly water, coffee, and tea. However, when I was at Home Depot buying cabinet hardware for the china cabinet, I had an sudden craving for the sugary goodness of a Coca Cola. Let me tell you, it did not let me down. Is there anything better than a Coke on ice??? I think not.

War Eagle anway.


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