Things I am Loving

The following is a list of things I’m really loving right now; some serious, some silly.

1. Wearing my boots

2. Watching Miller chase blowing leaves

3. Finding and building community in our new city

4. Sweet kindergartners telling me they love me

5. Breaking the “Labor Day Rule” by wearing white as much as possible

6. Prayer while driving to school

7. French vanilla coffee

8. Sleeping on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons because I don’t have homework

9. Our shows airing new episodes (Criminal Minds and Big Bang Theory)

10. Organizing my Pinterest boards into recipes I want to try and recipes I’ve tried and liked

11. Wearing old jewelry

12. My Clinique chubby stick (my everyday fall lip color = Whole Lotta Honey)

13. Discovering more and more ways I can show my love and respect for JRB

14. Getting a day off from school for Election Day

15. Wearing my Halloween shirt (It’s orange with a  pumpkin and a cat on it)


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