Happy Halloween

I really love Halloween, but it is so much better spending it with kindergartners. They have been counting down the days, discussing their costumes, and strategizing how to get the most candy possible. It. Is. Awesome. Below are some Halloween-ish pictures from lately. Since it’s been quite a while since I posted, let’s try to catch up quickly.



This is the door of Mrs. Cook’s kindergarten class. Decorating doors is one of my favorite responsibilities. Feel free to send me Thanksgiving ideas!


About a week ago, Josh had the WONDERFUL idea of a stay-at-home, fall date night. Activities included: pumpkin carving, eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate, and trying to keep Miller out of trouble. As you can see he LOVED the pumpkin. He ate a lot of the seeds and pulp, which led to an upset tummy the next day. Maybe one day he’ll learn. (P.S. Thank you, Biermans, for giving us these Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs. We don’t drink coffee/hot chocolate daily, but when we do, these mugs make it even more fun!)


This is our patriotic pumpkin. Josh and I were extremely proud of the final result. Considering last year we almost got into an argument while carving our pumpkin and messed it up so badly that we had to throw it away, I’d say this is a win.


Here’s our trouble maker last weekend in Auburn. We went to the Auburn vs. Texas A&M game (still coping with the brutality of the loss), and Miller enjoyed tailgating food, chasing leaves, and doing flips for the corn hole bean bags.


On our stay-at-home, fall date night, Josh and I went to both Kroger and Publix looking for these Halloween cookies. Sadly, neither place had them. However, I found them at WalMart Monday afternoon, and made them last night. I love those little jack-o-lanterns and ghosts!

Happy Halloween! I’m hoping to post pictures from the Trunk-or-Treat at our apartment complex tomorrow. I’m dressing as a mouse, and Miller will be….. to be decided.


Oh, the Things We Say

The following are things heard from kindergartners and my husband.

Kindergartner: Mrs. Bierman, I love you. I would love you even if I was dead.

Me: Wow. That’s quite a commitment! Thank you; I love you too.

One Saturday morning-

Josh to Miller: Pup, you can’t just chew your problems away!

Talking about our excitement to see Taken 2:

JRB: He’s going to kill SOOO many Albanians, and it’s going to be AWESOME.

In the classroom to another student:

Kindergartner 1: It’s my turn to talk! You’ve been talking your whole life!

At Chick-Fil-A eating a chicken, egg, and cheese bagel:

JRB: I love eating these because it’s like I’m getting the mom and the baby.

Me: Wait, what?!

JRB: Chicken = mom. Egg = baby

Happy Tuesday, folks!

Fall Much Needed Break

Yesterday was my fall break. Sadly, it was only one day, but hey! I gladly took it. It started by sleeping in until 9:15, not eating breakfast, and running from Miller with the vacuum cleaner. Then I took myself to West Point, Ga. to see that man of mine at work. We ate lunch at Irish Bred Pub in West Point’s downtown, and I tried to embarrass him by pretending I was a student. It slightly worked.

Next I set about cleaning, organizing, and bettering our little home. I cleaned bathrooms, did laundry, fluffed pillows, and made our bed. I also stained, bought new hardware, and arranged for our china cabinet. I’ve had it since July when we moved to LaGrange, but seem to just now be getting around to making it like I want. Below is the finished product. If you think it’s bright blue now, just think about what it looked like before I stained it.

I then went on to cooking dinner, talking on the phone to a dear friend, and cleaning my makeup brushes. I cleaned them by mixing 1 Tbsp. of white vinegar with a cup of hot water. They soaked for 20 minutes, and then I rinsed them with hot and cold water. It worked!

One odd/ awesome thing that happened yesterday was I bought a Coke. I know that doesn’t sound that weird, but I pretty much never drink Cokes. I’m strictly water, coffee, and tea. However, when I was at Home Depot buying cabinet hardware for the china cabinet, I had an sudden craving for the sugary goodness of a Coca Cola. Let me tell you, it did not let me down. Is there anything better than a Coke on ice??? I think not.

War Eagle anway.

Things I am Loving

The following is a list of things I’m really loving right now; some serious, some silly.

1. Wearing my boots

2. Watching Miller chase blowing leaves

3. Finding and building community in our new city

4. Sweet kindergartners telling me they love me

5. Breaking the “Labor Day Rule” by wearing white as much as possible

6. Prayer while driving to school

7. French vanilla coffee

8. Sleeping on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons because I don’t have homework

9. Our shows airing new episodes (Criminal Minds and Big Bang Theory)

10. Organizing my Pinterest boards into recipes I want to try and recipes I’ve tried and liked

11. Wearing old jewelry

12. My Clinique chubby stick (my everyday fall lip color = Whole Lotta Honey)

13. Discovering more and more ways I can show my love and respect for JRB

14. Getting a day off from school for Election Day

15. Wearing my Halloween shirt (It’s orange with a  pumpkin and a cat on it)


uno cien – Spanish

백 – Korean

0 – Chinese

Ein Hundert – German

Εκατόν – Greek

מאה – Hebrew

cento – Italian

one hundred – English

Yes, friends. This is my ONE HUNDREDTH POST on Miraculous Maze. Hard to believe everything that has changed since I did my first post back in February. Then I was an emotional, stressed-out, engaged college senior. And today I’m still fairly emotional, but not nearly as stressed and HALLELUJAH! not in school anymore (Well, as a student).

Some of the things that haven’t changed since I started blogging are:

  1. My top three favorite songs are “Divine Romance” by Phil Wickham, “You’re Beautiful” by Phil Wickham, and “Lead Me to the Cross” by Hillsong. These still bring me to tears.
  2. Today’s Letters is still my favorite blog.
  3. I still have no clue what I’m doing and feel like I’m divinely being led through a maze.
  4. JRB continues to be my crush.
  5. I am still obsessed with China: think of it regularly, pray for it regularly, and long for its people, salvation, and food.

Thank you to all of you who actually follow along with my ramblings. It really means the world to me that you A.) put up with me B.) even care what I write about C.) tell me you enjoy MM D.) All of the above. 

I plan to keep this little blogo running for quite some time. Who knows what the next 100 posts may bring!

Letters Edition

Dear Joshua Ryan Bierman, thank you for always eating my cooking, even when it’s experimental. Dear Fall, I love your colors, smell, and temperature. You rock! Dear Self- Discipline, Let’s kick it in gear this week. Last week = lots of couch time = not feeling that great. Dear Miller, You’ve oddly been very well behaved lately. You ok?? Dear Mare Sol, I’ve tried recreating your Caprese Flatbread. Ok, you win. Dear Hunk of Mine (you get first and last), your intelligence and Biblical wisdom far surpass your years. I learn from you ALL. THE. TIME.

Weekend Update: Photo Book Style

This weekend JRB and I traveled to Dothan, Ala. for our friends Elizabeth and Jared’s wedding. The weekend was full of fun with old friends that I literally haven’t seen in months. Some I haven’t seen since our wedding in May! Below are pictures from the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

My roommates from college- the bride, Elizabeth, and maid of honor, Camilla

JRB and my awkward family photo (minus Miller)

My bff, Ginny, and I are also doing our version of awkward family photo: swing style

The beautiful bride before walking down the aisle. (Yes, I cried on stage. When did I become such a sap?)

Our AWESOME bouquets. I fell in love with them!

Happy Monday! Hope your weekends were full with love, fun, and friends like ours were! If they weren’t, then at least we can be happy that Auburn didn’t lose…. since we had a bye.