Our Accident Prone Dog

For those of you who have followed Miraculous Maze for a while, you remember when we got Miller Bierman. It was such a happy day until we realized he was coughing and congested. When we took him to the vet (thinking it was a cold) the vet said, “Well, I think he’ll make it.” Ummmm… what?! Yes, so our Miller beat distemper, a disease with a mortality rate of 80 percent in puppies, by taking antibiotics the first month we owned him .

Once we got him off of the antibiotics Miller ran into a poisonous frog. This frog caused him to foam at the mouth and whimper like crazy. Thankfully he also survived the frog.

Next, Clorox spilled in our laundry room. Before I realized it, Miller slurped up a little bit. Obviously highly toxic, somehow Miller also managed to live despite drinking bleach.

About a month ago, Miller was playing with a dog in Auburn (a nice dog, promise) when Miller attempted to take his bone back from this larger, grown up dog. This didn’t end well for our pup. He now has two baby scars (from two teeth) on his snout. Not that this was a life-or-death matter, but nonetheless our dog still had a run-in with poor health.

Miller and I the day his snout was bitten. He’s quite happy about it as you can tell.

Now we’re facing a new issue: separation anxiety. I know, I know. Laugh out loud. Go ahead. But I’m serious. Everything was going great with him until around Labor Day (when we spent night and day with him for 4 days in a row…. hmmm….). He used to be perfectly content alone his room (our laundry room), but now it’s like we’ve locked him in a dungeon with every scary thing you could think of. He welcomes us with over-the-top affection, follows us wherever we go, and has more accidents than before. We looked up some articles on doggy separation anxiety, and….. That’s right. Our Miller now suffers not only from physical ailments, but also mental.

JRB and I are just looking forward to the day when our pup will be 100 percent well… physically and mentally.


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