Weekend Update: Date Night, Champions, and Recipes

Well, our weekend was great! After getting off Friday, Josh and I had our date night. We usually have it on Wednesdays, but decided this week it’d be nice to go out on the weekend. After discussing it, we decided Japanese was the way we were feeling. Therefore, we went to Yama, a Japanese restaurant downtown. I ordered the sushi special (major yum!) and JRB got lamb chops (of course, right?) No date night is complete without getting hand-scooped ice cream at Sugar Smith and then eating it in the square.

Then Saturday morning we woke up early (mostly because Miller was being demon dog) and I headed to Smith Station to watch my mom’s team and Callaway High School play volleyball. So proud of BRHS because they WON THE TOURNAMENT!!! It was so fun to watch, and they played so well! Keep it up, Wildcats!

Sunday…. Oh, Sunday. Here’s my confession. We slept through church. I honestly don’t know how it happened. I set an alarm and everything. However, we still woke up at 9:45- 45 minutes late to the main service and 15 until Sunday School. Needless to say we didn’t make it. Maybe next Sunday we’ll have more discipline. We opted to spend our day as bums: taking naps, watching tele, and eating. The one time we escaped our apartment was to go to the grocery store. Now I don’t usually take Josh with me, but I asked him to join me this day. I’m not sure I’ll be asking him to come back again. Our grocery bill was $30- $40 MORE than when I go alone. That’s because mid-trip JRB decided he wanted to make a cheesecake. I can’t complain too much though because the cheesecake he made was DDDDDDDDDDD-liscious. Just as good as the Cream Cheese Crock Pot Chili I made was. Seriously, guys, try this recipe out. It’s sooo yummy!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! T- 5 days until the next one!


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