Here a few of my favorite conversations from kindergarten:

Student: Mrs. Bierman, today I just feel like lovin’ on you.

Student in response to 9-11: God wouldn’t like those men hurting people, and THAT’S THE TRUTH! (Said while pointing his finger)

Student after sticking his finger in his ear: Ahhh!!! Golden treasure!!! (and sticks his finger in his mouth)

Student after using the restroom while pulling on his shirt and shuffling his feet: Uh, Mrs. Bierman. He was. He was….. Looking at my body while I was in there.

Student: Mrs. Bierman, I love Jesus. I’m going to be him for Halloween.

They really are so creative and quite intuitive. They keep me on my toes each and every day. And I love doing crafts each and every day. Today we made shapes out of toothpicks and marshmallows, and I turned the door into a scarecrow. Hooray for Fun Friday!


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