Exciting Happenings: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The first and most important exciting happening worth mentioning is…. OUR BEST FRIENDS (MEAGAN AND JOSH) ARE ENGAGED!!! Josh and I absolutely adore this couple. Josh (Smith, not JRB) played in our wedding and has been an excellent friend and Josh’s disciple this past year. Meagan is/was a Chi Omega with me at Auburn and turned into a fast friend/ prayer champion. JRB and I always love getting together with “The Smiths.”

The funny thing about me putting “The Smiths” in quotations is that we have called them The Smiths for  months and months while they weren’t engaged. I know it’s weird, and we kept it behind their backs for a while. However, now we are crazy pumped that they will in fact be Mr. and Mrs. Smith. To celebrate this, we gave them the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith last Sunday when they got engaged. We have been keeping it a secret the last three days because of the Chi O candlelight for Meagan.

I know it sounds crazy, but as I’m writing this I am so excited for them that I could cry. I just remember how much fun it is to be newly engaged. All of a sudden, everything is so real. You can talk in absolutes and make future plans. And candlelights are soooo fun! It is so fun to be surrounded by your greatest friends (no, I do not refer to them as sisters. Sorry.) when they are screaming and excited for you. You get to share YOUR story. YOUR engagement story. The only one you’ll get! I just loved this time in our lives and am so excited that The Smiths now get to experience it. And oh by the way, she got a ROCKIN’ ring! Way to go, Josh Smith!

Below is popcorn that Josh Smith’s mom found. Isn’t that the most adorable engagement popcorn ever???

Still exciting, but not quite to engagement level, I love my job! This week has been so fabulous. I’ve grown closer with so many kids and have been smothered with love. Although this job can be extremely tiring and occasionally frustrating (you try explaining why an M looks the way it does…), it is 200 percent worth it when they give you a big hug and say they love you. Another reason that this week has been great is because I did my first hallway decoration. Below is my craft for outside the classroom door.

Along with the excitement of my first door decor, I also knew two people at the grocery store yesterday. Yes, I saw two different people that I knew and was able to speak to. I feel like such a local! Maybe we’re starting to acclimate after all!?


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