In choosing something to blog about I had a hard time. You see, our lives are kind’ve…. how do I say this… not extremely interesting right now?? I don’t mean this in a bad way, but FINALLY I feel that Josh and I have a routine down. For a Type A personality like myself, this day couldn’t have come sooner. We don’t stay up super late watching movies and seasons of television shows anymore because 6 a.m. can be an evil witch when I don’t got to bed at an appropriate (or maybe grandma) time. We aren’t wondering where we’ll move or what we’ll do anymore because in His mercy the good Lord gave us both jobs. Things have settled. We go to the same church each Sunday. I attend a women’s small group on Mondays. Our date nights are Wednesday. And now (much to Josh’s pleasure) college football takes up our Saturdays.

The only thing out of the ordinary that we’ve done is Josh ran a triathlon last Saturday with his brother and friend. I know, I know. That’s way cool and out of the ordinary, and I tell you this after I explained how plain our lives are now. So maybe this is the exception? But yes, Josh finished a triathlon- second in his age group might I add! I was uber proud of him since A.) I always am. B.) This was his first tri. C.) He met his goal time. D.) All of the above.

Can you tell they’re brothers??

Meanwhile, I was alone with the devilish (only sometimes, and this was one of those times) dog. This past weekend, Miller decided he wanted to try my patience. After not having any accidents on the carpet in almost a week, Miller peed on my foot twice, the couch, the carpet, and the kitchen floor in a matter of hours. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement. I called Josh….and my dad…. and maybe even my mom to vent over this unruly animal I currently reside with. He kept up his act on Saturday until I turned on the Auburn game (just to think about the outcome hurts my heart), and at that instant Miller decided he wanted to be good again. He curled up on the couch with me and comforted me as my poor tigers were mercilessly beaten. I did, however, have to keep explaining to Miller that even though he is a dog, that doesn’t obligate him to cheer for the bulldogs. He finally understands that the Auburn Tigers (even though technically cats) are who we root for.

This is Miller in demon dog mode attempting to eat the vacuum cleaner.

So that’s our weekend/beginning of the week in a nutshell. Maybe something super interesting will pop in my head so my next post won’t be so monotonous. But, hey. I do love a routine!


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