What You’ve Missed

So it’s been a while since I posted because I’ve been taking this holiday literally. Since Thursday here’s what all has happened:

I went Auburn on Thursday to see my mom’s volleyball team play. They won. Duh. I also took this opportunity to buy myself a new purse. I’ve been wanting one for a LOOOOONG time. I’ve been carrying my other one for two years now and have been saving for three months a la I got a new purse!!!

We watched crazy amounts of college football. This is the season where I lose Josh to Auburn football, and it’s looking like I’ll be losing Miller also.

Saturday we had an apartment tailgate. Our friends the Blackmans traveled from Auburn to watch the game with us. We proceeded to cheer on the Tigers and stuff our bocas with lots of not-good-for-us foods. Man, it was awesome!

In between football games, movies, and season one of Downton Abbey, we did a lot of this. I don’t know why naps on the couch are so awesome, but I sure am glad they are!

Happy Tuesday, folks! Hooray for the four day work week!


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