These are the things I’ve been thankful for the last couple of weeks:

Cool weather for porch sitting with my beau and pup

Scenic views on my drive to work (Yes, I left my apartment early so I could stand on the side of the road and take this picture. It takes my breath away every morning, so I wanted you to see!)

The privilege of standing at the front of the church with the About-To-Be- Battes who will wed tomorrow. Thankful for their friendship, encouragement, and love of all things America.

The joy, laughter, and lessons I get in a kindergarten classroom

God’s creation, sovereignty, and grace

Sweet friends and sweet conversation at our favorite place

This man who knows me well enough to not only offer me DQ when I cry, but also offer to eat half so I won’t feel guilty later.

Happy FUN Friday, folks!!



Pilate therefore said to Him, “You do not speak to me? Do You not know that I have authority to release You, and I have authority to crucify You?” Jesus answered, ” You would have no authority over Me, unless it had been give you from above; for this reason he who delivered Me up to you has the greater  sin.”

John 9:10-11

I read this today in a book my small group is covering. It really struck me because the lesson is all about the names of God. This lesson in particular is covering God’s name El Elyon. This name “designates God as the sovereign ruler of all the universe.” Therefore, it takes its readers through all the different Scriptures showing God as sovereign over things like creation, finances, life and death, healing, fertility, etc.

This particular selection struck me because it shows me that God is even in control over circumstances we perceive we have control over. Pilate told Jesus tht HE has the authority to crucify him, and Jesus was like, “Really, dude? Do you EVEN know who I am? I GAVE you the authority you have.” Yes, God the Father gave Pilate the authority to send His only son Jesus to the cross. And Pilate thought he was special…

How often do I perceive that I am in control of my own circumstances?? My “control” or “power” is only “mine” because it was graciously predestined to be mine. It’s not really mine. It’s all the Lord’s! The only reason I have ANY authority or perceived control is because it came from above. For a control-freak like me, this can be a large gulp to swallow. But when I really think about it, how awesome?? Every thing about me: my struggles and the things “I have under control” are ALL THE LORD’S. When making decisions, living life, working, thinking, etc. God is working through me. He’s sovereign over it all!

I found this very refreshing and calming; hope the same for you!

Our Accident Prone Dog

For those of you who have followed Miraculous Maze for a while, you remember when we got Miller Bierman. It was such a happy day until we realized he was coughing and congested. When we took him to the vet (thinking it was a cold) the vet said, “Well, I think he’ll make it.” Ummmm… what?! Yes, so our Miller beat distemper, a disease with a mortality rate of 80 percent in puppies, by taking antibiotics the first month we owned him .

Once we got him off of the antibiotics Miller ran into a poisonous frog. This frog caused him to foam at the mouth and whimper like crazy. Thankfully he also survived the frog.

Next, Clorox spilled in our laundry room. Before I realized it, Miller slurped up a little bit. Obviously highly toxic, somehow Miller also managed to live despite drinking bleach.

About a month ago, Miller was playing with a dog in Auburn (a nice dog, promise) when Miller attempted to take his bone back from this larger, grown up dog. This didn’t end well for our pup. He now has two baby scars (from two teeth) on his snout. Not that this was a life-or-death matter, but nonetheless our dog still had a run-in with poor health.

Miller and I the day his snout was bitten. He’s quite happy about it as you can tell.

Now we’re facing a new issue: separation anxiety. I know, I know. Laugh out loud. Go ahead. But I’m serious. Everything was going great with him until around Labor Day (when we spent night and day with him for 4 days in a row…. hmmm….). He used to be perfectly content alone his room (our laundry room), but now it’s like we’ve locked him in a dungeon with every scary thing you could think of. He welcomes us with over-the-top affection, follows us wherever we go, and has more accidents than before. We looked up some articles on doggy separation anxiety, and….. That’s right. Our Miller now suffers not only from physical ailments, but also mental.

JRB and I are just looking forward to the day when our pup will be 100 percent well… physically and mentally.

Weekend Update: Date Night, Champions, and Recipes

Well, our weekend was great! After getting off Friday, Josh and I had our date night. We usually have it on Wednesdays, but decided this week it’d be nice to go out on the weekend. After discussing it, we decided Japanese was the way we were feeling. Therefore, we went to Yama, a Japanese restaurant downtown. I ordered the sushi special (major yum!) and JRB got lamb chops (of course, right?) No date night is complete without getting hand-scooped ice cream at Sugar Smith and then eating it in the square.

Then Saturday morning we woke up early (mostly because Miller was being demon dog) and I headed to Smith Station to watch my mom’s team and Callaway High School play volleyball. So proud of BRHS because they WON THE TOURNAMENT!!! It was so fun to watch, and they played so well! Keep it up, Wildcats!

Sunday…. Oh, Sunday. Here’s my confession. We slept through church. I honestly don’t know how it happened. I set an alarm and everything. However, we still woke up at 9:45- 45 minutes late to the main service and 15 until Sunday School. Needless to say we didn’t make it. Maybe next Sunday we’ll have more discipline. We opted to spend our day as bums: taking naps, watching tele, and eating. The one time we escaped our apartment was to go to the grocery store. Now I don’t usually take Josh with me, but I asked him to join me this day. I’m not sure I’ll be asking him to come back again. Our grocery bill was $30- $40 MORE than when I go alone. That’s because mid-trip JRB decided he wanted to make a cheesecake. I can’t complain too much though because the cheesecake he made was DDDDDDDDDDD-liscious. Just as good as the Cream Cheese Crock Pot Chili I made was. Seriously, guys, try this recipe out. It’s sooo yummy!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! T- 5 days until the next one!


Here a few of my favorite conversations from kindergarten:

Student: Mrs. Bierman, today I just feel like lovin’ on you.

Student in response to 9-11: God wouldn’t like those men hurting people, and THAT’S THE TRUTH! (Said while pointing his finger)

Student after sticking his finger in his ear: Ahhh!!! Golden treasure!!! (and sticks his finger in his mouth)

Student after using the restroom while pulling on his shirt and shuffling his feet: Uh, Mrs. Bierman. He was. He was….. Looking at my body while I was in there.

Student: Mrs. Bierman, I love Jesus. I’m going to be him for Halloween.

They really are so creative and quite intuitive. They keep me on my toes each and every day. And I love doing crafts each and every day. Today we made shapes out of toothpicks and marshmallows, and I turned the door into a scarecrow. Hooray for Fun Friday!

Exciting Happenings: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The first and most important exciting happening worth mentioning is…. OUR BEST FRIENDS (MEAGAN AND JOSH) ARE ENGAGED!!! Josh and I absolutely adore this couple. Josh (Smith, not JRB) played in our wedding and has been an excellent friend and Josh’s disciple this past year. Meagan is/was a Chi Omega with me at Auburn and turned into a fast friend/ prayer champion. JRB and I always love getting together with “The Smiths.”

The funny thing about me putting “The Smiths” in quotations is that we have called them The Smiths for  months and months while they weren’t engaged. I know it’s weird, and we kept it behind their backs for a while. However, now we are crazy pumped that they will in fact be Mr. and Mrs. Smith. To celebrate this, we gave them the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith last Sunday when they got engaged. We have been keeping it a secret the last three days because of the Chi O candlelight for Meagan.

I know it sounds crazy, but as I’m writing this I am so excited for them that I could cry. I just remember how much fun it is to be newly engaged. All of a sudden, everything is so real. You can talk in absolutes and make future plans. And candlelights are soooo fun! It is so fun to be surrounded by your greatest friends (no, I do not refer to them as sisters. Sorry.) when they are screaming and excited for you. You get to share YOUR story. YOUR engagement story. The only one you’ll get! I just loved this time in our lives and am so excited that The Smiths now get to experience it. And oh by the way, she got a ROCKIN’ ring! Way to go, Josh Smith!

Below is popcorn that Josh Smith’s mom found. Isn’t that the most adorable engagement popcorn ever???

Still exciting, but not quite to engagement level, I love my job! This week has been so fabulous. I’ve grown closer with so many kids and have been smothered with love. Although this job can be extremely tiring and occasionally frustrating (you try explaining why an M looks the way it does…), it is 200 percent worth it when they give you a big hug and say they love you. Another reason that this week has been great is because I did my first hallway decoration. Below is my craft for outside the classroom door.

Along with the excitement of my first door decor, I also knew two people at the grocery store yesterday. Yes, I saw two different people that I knew and was able to speak to. I feel like such a local! Maybe we’re starting to acclimate after all!?


In choosing something to blog about I had a hard time. You see, our lives are kind’ve…. how do I say this… not extremely interesting right now?? I don’t mean this in a bad way, but FINALLY I feel that Josh and I have a routine down. For a Type A personality like myself, this day couldn’t have come sooner. We don’t stay up super late watching movies and seasons of television shows anymore because 6 a.m. can be an evil witch when I don’t got to bed at an appropriate (or maybe grandma) time. We aren’t wondering where we’ll move or what we’ll do anymore because in His mercy the good Lord gave us both jobs. Things have settled. We go to the same church each Sunday. I attend a women’s small group on Mondays. Our date nights are Wednesday. And now (much to Josh’s pleasure) college football takes up our Saturdays.

The only thing out of the ordinary that we’ve done is Josh ran a triathlon last Saturday with his brother and friend. I know, I know. That’s way cool and out of the ordinary, and I tell you this after I explained how plain our lives are now. So maybe this is the exception? But yes, Josh finished a triathlon- second in his age group might I add! I was uber proud of him since A.) I always am. B.) This was his first tri. C.) He met his goal time. D.) All of the above.

Can you tell they’re brothers??

Meanwhile, I was alone with the devilish (only sometimes, and this was one of those times) dog. This past weekend, Miller decided he wanted to try my patience. After not having any accidents on the carpet in almost a week, Miller peed on my foot twice, the couch, the carpet, and the kitchen floor in a matter of hours. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement. I called Josh….and my dad…. and maybe even my mom to vent over this unruly animal I currently reside with. He kept up his act on Saturday until I turned on the Auburn game (just to think about the outcome hurts my heart), and at that instant Miller decided he wanted to be good again. He curled up on the couch with me and comforted me as my poor tigers were mercilessly beaten. I did, however, have to keep explaining to Miller that even though he is a dog, that doesn’t obligate him to cheer for the bulldogs. He finally understands that the Auburn Tigers (even though technically cats) are who we root for.

This is Miller in demon dog mode attempting to eat the vacuum cleaner.

So that’s our weekend/beginning of the week in a nutshell. Maybe something super interesting will pop in my head so my next post won’t be so monotonous. But, hey. I do love a routine!