A Tribute to the Men in My Life

Last night as I was lying in bed, I allowed my mind to run on and on about how thankful I am for Josh and Miller. By no means am I considered a mom or anything close to it. However, I didn’t know that I could love a dog like I do Miller. Stay with me here. I’m not claiming to love him like a mother loves a child whatsoever. But this little pup has completely gotten me emotionally involved. I hurt when I think about him getting hurt. If I love a dog this much this fast, how much more so will I love a child some day (A long time from now. Don’t get any ideas.)?? Josh and I are both so thankful for Miller because he fills our empty time. Instead of watching tv or doing nothing, we now go together on walks with Miller. We’ve also taken him to our local middle school for runs. He entertains us like no tv show can do! He really is man’s (or woman’s) best friend!

Then there’s this guy… Where do I begin? Honestly, I could’ve worked myself into tears as I was lying there thinking. Josh obviously is the greatest guy ever (I guess I’m a little biased).  I absolutely love beginning and ending my day with him. It’s so so fun to wake up and go over our schedules, and then come home and discuss how we completely abandoned them. I enjoy listening to his stories, hearing about the new people he met, and the crazy things he read on Rivals or some other article. He enjoys (or at least I think so) listening to my tales of kindergartners and crazy facts I saw on Twitter. Although we’ve only been together since my sophomore year of college, Josh has been my friend since freshman year of high school. Yes, we dated my freshman year, but for the majority of that time we were only friends. Although we were living in separate cities and occasionally had boyfriends or girlfriends, we always remained friends. He’s the number I never deleted from my phone book. And I’m so thankful that now I get to share life with him. Really, it’s so fun and interesting and encouraging and sweet. He gets me, which isn’t exactly easy sometimes, and quite often talks me off of the proverbial ledge (I can get a little worked up).

I say all of this just to get it off my chest. I love love love the stage we’re in right now. We’re definitely still learning: how to live together, make a marriage work, not freak out when Miller eats weird things, etc. But it’s really fun! I’m so thankful that he and I rely so heavily on one another, and I hope it’s forever like this. 


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