Weekend Updates: Kindergarten, Mishaps, and Auburn

This weekend was one for the books. Friday began at 6 a.m. for me since it was my first day at kindergarten! My day was full of learning and overflowing with sweet hugs. It’s funny how so many kindergartners say ” I love you” on your first day! Leaving at 2, I was quite pooped. I haven’t woken up at 6 a.m. in I don’t know how long and definitely haven’t stayed on my feet for 6 hours maybe ever. After picking up some supplies for dinner and letting Miller out to play, I took myself a well-deserved nap. I’m going to have to whip myself into shape, especially since I’m now going to work an after school program until 4 everyday. The one thing I did notice on Friday is my need for a lunchbox. Friday I kept my lunch in my purse (not cool), so it was completely necessary for me to get something else. So I got a new lunchbox; it’s odd how excited I am about it.

Saturday was a great day for us! Josh’s mom was in town for a wedding, so we met her in Auburn for lunch and ice cream. Not before we ran errands in Tiger Town and my mom and I got mani/pedis (our specialty). Now that my nails are looking good, I can’t wait to head back to kindergarten. I’m 100 percent positive that I will get compliments on them.

Miller had quite a big weekend also. After this week which included licking Clorox and a toxic frog, who knew it could get much bigger?? Well, he was hanging out at one of our friends’ apartments, and had a little run in with a bigger dog. This dog is so so sweet, but Miller tried to get his bone from this dog (an obvious bad choice) and was left with a boo boo on his snout. Apparently he was very very pathetic after getting bitten, so I’m overly happy that I wasn’t there. For some reason, I’m quite emotional lately. Explanation: I cried Thursday watching Marley & Me and Friday writing letters to my friends. Who am I? No worries though; Miller is as happy and alive as ever.

For dinner we ate with our good friends Josh, Meagan and Meagan’s dog Mae. Miller and Mae hit it off immediately- after some good sniffing, of course. We took them onto campus; only after some unfortunate bathroom mishaps on College Street (whoops!). They ran… and ran… and ran… and ran. It honestly crossed my mind that Miller could run himself to death. This was perfect though because as soon as we got home, Miller was off to bed. And even better, he slept all night!! No waking up at 3:30, 5:30, or 6! Wooo hoo!!

Then Sunday, sweet Sunday, Josh and I attended church, got ANOTHER dinner invitation (on a roll-Wooo!! Friends!!), ate frozen pizza, watched Crash, and took lengthy naps (maybe that was just me again….) But we are very excited for this week which includes: kindergarten and a new lunch box for me, classes beginning for Josh, dinner with a couple from our Sunday school class, a department party for Josh, and a bachelorette party for my friend Elizabeth! Honestly, what an awesome week to look forward to!


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