On the Horizon

Have you ever felt like God was sending you a direct message?? No, I’m not talking about you randomly think something extreme and attribute it to God. I’m talking about everything in your life seems to be pointing toward the same topic. Well, that’s what’s going on in my life right now. Let me explain.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about this book I’m reading, Kisses from Katie. I gave a couple of excerpts and then talked about the conviction to be interrupted for the needy and hungry. I also posted about this ministry I had the pleasure of being a part of for the unemployed and needy in the LaGrange area. See a theme yet? If not, let’s continue.

Josh and I have been attending First Methodist in LaGrange and have really enjoyed our couple of times there. Well, they just started a four-week series on stewardship: giving of your finances, time, etc. Also, a couple we met at Sunday school invited us for dinner Monday night (so fun to have other adults to talk to!). After dinner we got into a conversation about being the church in the community and how church isn’t just a building to go to, but should be sharing the love of Jesus Christ (this among many other awesome things). We should be going to those in need (both physically and spiritually) ourselves and by giving of our finances. See it yet? Then, as if I hadn’t gotten the point yet, I was talking on the phone with a lifeline friend this morning about nonprofit agencies, being the church, and helping the needy in America. Oh! And by the way, the radio station I listen to is a ministry through a church and is asking for donations so it can continue to reach out to the community with the gospel.

Here lies my point: surely I’m not reading a book, studying in Sunday school, having multiple conversations, and hearing on the radio about stewardship, reaching the needy, etc. all on accident. No, I don’t have some huge idea of what exactly is going on, but I’m thinking something is on the horizon.

I realize this is a bit of a weird blog post since I’m rambling with no conclusion, but just letting you know what the Lord’s doing here in my heart in LaGrange. I don’t have any concrete objectives (and maybe I never will), but I do see that my eyes are being opened to the need in this community (and everywhere!) and how capable we are to help.


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