Weekend Updates: Antihistamine, Laundry, Olympics

So… it’s been a while since I posted. I updated you guys Wednesday with the great news of my new job, and then disappeared. The reason, you see, is because I’ve had a bad case of the head cold. As soon as Miller got better, I got sick. Funny how that happens, right? Luckily, Josh is a pretty good nurse and took care of me all day Thursday and Friday. He even went above and beyond by making his “world renowned” funfetti cake. If cheesecake hadn’t been his groom’s cake, I imagine funfetti cake would’ve been next in line.

Since I was feeling under the weather, we had a very chill weekend. It included doing a lot of this:

And this:

And sadly this:

I begin my job this Friday, so I really need this sinus crud to go bye-bye. I do, however, plan on soaking up these last four days of being a domestic diva. Hope you guys’ weekends were a little more fun-filled than ours! (I must admit, it is fun to not feel guilty about doing NOTHING though.)


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