Great News. Repeat: GREAT News

First off let me say, thank you to everyone who responded to my Employment, Shmemployment  post last Wednesday. I’m saying thank you because: 1.) it encouraged me greatly and 2.) your prayers WORKED!

This week I went back to the ministry and was faced with some great news. The lady who was in desperate need last week (no utilities, no home, etc.) got her power turned back on and is in her house. Praise be to God! There is no way that would’ve happened without Him. I had the opportunity to work with her this morning on her resume, and she was a completely different person. No more tears and anguish. She was so enjoyable and happy. I told her I had been praying for her each day, and that brought a huge smile to her face.

Another GREAT thing that happened is I GOT A JOB!!! Yes, you are looking at Callaway Elementary’s newest kindergarten paraprofessional. Basically, I’m a teacher’s aide for a kindergarten class. How amazing that within one week of my post I: met Troup County’s former superintendent who put in a good word for me, got an interview with Callaway, and got a job. Once again I will say, praise be to God! I know His hands were all woven through my situation. I know that He heard and answered my prayers. I begin next Friday, and the greatest part of it is the school is less than five miles from our apartment. Meaning…. I don’t have to wake up as early! Wooo hoo!!

Thank you again for your prayers. I urge you to continue praying for these sweet women who are in need of some help here in LaGrange. We have three women looking for jobs and two women in need some some serious emotional and spiritual support.

Upon my job offer, this was about the same response. We are so excited and extremely thankful for this opportunity!


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