Weekend Update: Milestones, Zzz’s, and a War Eagle Puppy

This weekend was a great one. Miller confirmed that he is an Auburn tiger and some of our best friends secured their spots as Auburn University alumni. That’s what you call life changing!

After waiting THREE HOURS at the Troup County DMV on Friday, Mr. Bierman and I solidified our status as Georgians by getting licenses. Then, to complete our week of “Around the World” eating, we had fish and chips for dinner before watching movies and Olympics till WAAAAYYY too late.

Saturday morning I went to LaGrange’s Market on Main for some much needed early morning alone time (no offense to Josh and Miller. Occasionally an only child just needs some alone time, ya know?) and produce shopping. Let’s just say Market on Main didn’t disappoint. I got a blueberry pastry, large container of blueberries, squash, eggplant, green beans, and homemade bread for less than $15. We’ve already begun eating the bread and blueberries, and they really are some of the best I’ve ever had. Not a single blueberry disappoints; literally, they’re all perfectly sweet.

Saturday afternoon we took Miller to Auburn for the first time so I could attend graduation.While I was at graduation, Miller and Josh had some guy time. They walked around campus, played at FarmHouse, and made lots of new friends. Some of my personal favorite stories from the day include Miller running into a pole because he was looking at a sorority girl and the security guard at the Arena keeping Miller so Josh could go inside for water.

Ok, I lied. I have another funny story. Last week when Miller met our friend Jared for the first time, he was so excited that he started peeing on/near Jared. Well, this Saturday when he met Elizabeth (Jared’s fiancĂ©), he did the exact same thing! He hasn’t done that to anyone else, but how funny that he did it to both of them!?

Needless to say, Miller was one tired puppy. He slept on the way home. Slept when we got home. Slept on the floor. Slept on me. Slept in his bed. He must have really loved Auburn and all of our friends because he played himself until he literally couldn’t hold his head up or his eyes open anymore.

Sunday…. Well, it was Sunday. We tried out another church, and really liked it a lot. One of the greatest things about this church was its Sunday school class for us. There were several couples attending, and they weren’t all 15 years older than us. So, that’s a success, right!? We finished Sunday with a nap (that might have just been me), kabobs, and the Olympics. I’ll be so sad when they (The Olympics) end!


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