Weekend Update: America, Masks, and Fans

What a great weekend! Minus the fact that Miller and I were without Josh all day Saturday, we had a great time. Friday, to celebrate America and our participation in the Olympics, we had an all- American dinner/ celebration. Our good friend William drove from Auburn to watch the opening ceremonies and have dinner. For dinner, we had cheeseburgers, potatoes, baked vegetables,  and (my favorite) red, white, and blue trifle. Miller even got into the celebration by wearing his patriotic collar.

William told us that when he was little, his family used to eat meals from around the world to celebrate the Olympics. I’m thinking that’s not a bad idea. So this week I’m planning on eating Mexican, Chinese, and Italian. Those are pretty easy to do, but what else should I do? Maybe crepes for France? or Fish and chips for Great Britain? I’m gladly accepting any and all ideas.

Then Saturday morning I had quite an embarrassing moment. Josh left pretty early to go to his faculty retreat, leaving Miller and I to fend for ourselves. Well, before Josh left he put Miller on the bed with me, so we obviously slept until 10 (time of Miller to take his meds). After he took his meds, I immediately took him out for a walk. Not thinking about how I looked at all, I went out barefoot, in a red, white, and blue tye-dye t-shirt, and athletic shorts. When we made it down the stairs, we met some people and their movers so we briefly chatted. Well, after we started to walk away, I heard the movers snickering. Instantly I remembered that I had worn a mask to bed Friday night, and I hadn’t washed my face yet. Meaning the whole time I was talking to our neighbors and their movers, I had a white mask on my face. Happy Saturday, Paige.

Another thing you should know is that JRB and I haven’t been cold since we moved to LaGrange. The week after we moved in, we asked our apartment to come look at our air conditioner. They did and said they fixed it. However, this weekend we had to buy a $30 fan because our apartment was 85 degrees. Yes, our air conditioner was set to 66, but the actual temperature was 85. You can’t tell me that’s working appropriately. Let’s all hope that our air conditioner will be fixed! Josh is going to take care of business (aka talk to management) as I type this.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We sure did! Even though Josh and I haven’t really had a Saturday together in LaGrange, we still are doing very well. Looking forward to this coming up Saturday when we can actually spend it together!


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