Housewife to Dog-Mom

A lot of things have been going on lately. Lots of fun, happy things. Obviously Miller has brought quite an energy to our home. Instead of watching tv or getting on our computers to fill blank time, we now are in the floor playing with him. That’s not to say we never talk or spend quality time together, but as you all know there are only so much face-to-face conversation topics each day.

Another fun thing that happened this week is I got my hair cut! It was a bold, spur of the moment decision, but it turned out well. Literally I was looking on Pinterest and saw this sweet haircut, and the decision was made. When Josh got home from work, he tagged me out so I could leave Miller to go get my haircut. I did no research on the best place to go in LaGrange. Instead I just went to Regis Salon in the LaGrange Mall (which includes about 10 stores) and got the first available appointment. I arrived at 4 p.m., but there wasn’t  spot open until 4:30 so this gave me time to roam. I ended up at a Books-A-Million and bought Kisses From Katie and gummy bears. I am super pumped to begin Kisses From Katie. I’ve heard SOOOOO much about her and the book, so it’s definitely a long overdue read. But anyways I was about to randomly get my hair cut from someone I’ve never heard of at a salon I’ve never been to, and I’m eating gummy worms. Epic afternoon, right?

Can’t wait to begin this book!

On that note, I think I made the decision to take myself for a wash, cut, and style because I was feeling the effects of being responsible for young living thing. By NO means do I think I come close to knowing what it feels like to be a stay at home mom, but I do believe I got a itty, bitty, teeny, weeny taste of what it would be like. On Wednesday Josh left early for work leaving me here with a very young, sickly puppy. I literally had to fit my workout, quiet time, and cleaning into his nap times. Luckily he took quite a few naps that day, but still. And I’m sure you’re thinking I’m being a little extreme, but I honestly don’t think I am. When Miller is awake you pretty much are forced to play with him because A.) he’s so cute that you want to B.) you need to to help him cough up any gunk in his lungs C.) he forces you to by either gnawing your toes or whimpering D.) All of the above. Not to mention he isn’t house trained (YET), so if you take your eyes off of him for too long you’re liable to walk into a surprise. But anyways, I blame my impromptu haircut on my day as a stay at home dog-mom.

This was the inspirational picture I found on Pinterest. Let’s just say that my hair looks JUST LIKE THAT….(sarcasm inserted here)

I also had the pleasure of seeing friends this week! One of my friends, Laura, has family from LaGrange, so she travels here a good bit. She was here Monday and came over after dinner, and then drove back though Thursday. I was able to catch her and my other friend, Morgan, over chili dogs at Charlie Joseph’s (a LaGrange must-have. I recommend the chili dog with a glass bottle Coke. So. Good.) What’s so great about meeting up with friends now is that we have SO much to talk about. I don’t take this time for granted anymore by texting and looking on Twitter. I have to make the most of it, and it’s so so fun! Two chili dogs, two sweet teas, and three hours later, we finally pulled ourselves away from the table to go our separate ways. I am so thankful for friends who make the effort, laugh at my stories, and share with me theirs.

This is a Charlie Joseph’s chili dog. I honestly don’t know how they get it to taste so good.

Lastly, we took Miller out of the apartment complex for the first time last night. I like to say it was his first night on the town. Boy did he live it up! We started at Dairy Queen for blizzards because $1 spent on every blizzard went to Children’s Miracle Network. Josh and I told ourselves it was fine to get blizzards because “it was for a good cause.” After having Miller sit in my lap, we realized that his nails needed trimming. So we then took him to Wal-Mart (not inside, of course) to get nail clippers and a file. {Side note: Josh is currently looking up how to clip a puppy’s nails because the experience wasn’t very fun. Miller hated getting his nails clipped, and we hated it just as much. I knew I would cry if I watched so I went into another room leaving Josh to fend for himself. Needless to say, nail clipping is not enjoyed by anyone in this household.} After our big trip to Wal-Mart, we took Miller to the square where he enjoyed digging up the grass. Whoops. However, when we got home, he was EXHAUSTED. By 10:15 this is what Miller looked like.

He was one worn out puppy. But who wouldn’t be after a trip to DQ, Wal-Mart, and the square???

So that’s the latest with us. We’re looking forward to a fun weekend! Once again I’ll be alone basically all day Saturday because Josh has another work orientation, but luckily I have Miller to keep me company. Happy Friday, folks!


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