Presenting: Miller Bierman

This is Miller Bierman, our new pup! He is a blue heeler mix (mixed with we don’t know). We’ve already had people say he look part pit bull, lab, terrier, and chihuahua. Yes, the receptionist asked if he was a chihuahua. My response, “Do we look like chihuahua people?” (No offense if you are. Just not for us.) He is quite the charming fellow. He loves attention and play time, cuddles a lot, and enjoys burrowing in dark spaces like under the covers and under the couch.

Yesterday, Josh and I set off to local animal shelters just to “take a look,” knowing full well that if there was even one cute puppy he or she would be ours. The first place we went to, Troup County Humane Society, we found this sweet pup and his brothers and sisters. We were pretty sold with them already, but decided to look around some more to be certain. For me, it only took one muddy lab dog jumping on me to know that I wanted a Miller. So we headed to WalMart for doggie supplies (bed, toy, food, shampoo, etc.) and then went to become a family of three. When we got there, they let us play with ALL of the puppies to see which one we connected with and wanted to make our own. This is when it got interesting.

When the released the gate for the puppies to come outside, it was literally like releasing a flood gate. All puppies came hurdling at us to lick us and be our best friend…… except one. My eyes kept going to this sweet, brown puppy with floppy ears standing in the cage tilting his head back and forth. I went to pick him up and when I did he literally just clutched me and put his head on my shoulder. All the looking was over for me, this shy, cuddly puppy is the one I wanted. Josh needed some convincing since he really, really liked the other super extroverted dogs. But he came around when I explained to him that this pup was just introverted and that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a good personality, he was just overwhelmed by all of his brothers and sisters. Hesitantly, he obliged and I scooped this puppy away from the others.

While filling out the paper work at the front of the office, I noticed that Miller’s breathing was labored and he sounded very congested. I let the workers listen, and they though he just had a cold, but recommended us take him to the vet just in case. When we got to the vet, Miller was very very sick. He had no energy, wouldn’t interact, and kept huffing and puffing. The vet told us that he believed Miller had distemper (don’t make the mistake of googling it like I did. It’ll scare you to death, like it did me.) Our vet (an Auburn grad, so he must be brilliant) told us that he thought Miller would make it through and should feel better in about a week. Either way it’s still a sad time in the Bierman household. Miller coughs a lot and wheezes pretty badly. We’re giving him antibiotics twice a day. But in between the sneezes, he is one playful and sweet dude.

This is Miller when we realized he was sick. It looks like something Sarah McLachlan would sing about.

When we got back from the vet, Miller seemed like a new pup. He played outside and dug tunnels through the pine straw. He licked our fingers and toes and explored his new home. Me being me, I demanded that he get the “pound germs” off of him, so below is Josh giving him his “first” bath.

Last night, Miller still was feeling pretty good. He ran and jumped and peed on our carpet (the downside of owning a puppy). We don’t even care though because it’s so much better than the sick-version of Miller.

His favorite hiding spot: under our couch. He takes toys and food under there.

Precious Miller even slept the majority of the night. It was probably nice to have room to yourself and not get tackled by your brothers and sisters. However, at about 6:30 this morning, Miller began whining and was ready to go. I opened his door, and out he was! So much energy that I took him on a ¬†morning stroll to tire him some. Then he cuddled up with Josh and I for another 3 hours! So far we are loving our pup. He is sweet and playful and going to beat this nasty old virus. He’s definitely getting enough rest. Below shows how he fell asleep last night before we put him in his bed: sprawled out, one leg in, one leg out. That’s our boy!

Night, night, Miller!


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