Weekend Update: Deals, Steals, Sweets, and Treats

Because Josh had orientation/training this weekend for work, I spent the majority of it alone. Paige being alone typically goes to one of two extremes: extreme laziness/boredom or working nonstop ending with exhaustion. I chose the latter. Friday morning after working out watching the Today Show, I headed to Newnan to do a little bargain shopping. Bargains I found! Upon returning to LaGrange, I went to work arranging and organizing our sweet, little home. In the process I: tore up my pinky toe while moving a bookcase from the living room to our bedroom, made umpteen thousand trips up and down the stairs, put together our new microwave and lamp, hung a whole bunch of pictures. Here’s a sneak peak at our living room.

Those pillows: $16 at TJ Maxx. They may not be your taste, but I happen to like them. That photo arrangement over the couch: completed ALL BY MYSELF. I’ve never been so proud. Yes, I’ve hung a picture before. It’s not hard. But I’ve never hung that many that have to be so precise. I still look at it and puff my chest out a little bit.

Saturday, Josh had to go to work so I was left alone… again. This time I didn’t do quite as much, but I still completed some things. When he returned, I made us yummy teriyaki chicken with some leftover potatoes (made by the Mr. and so yummy!) and bacon wrapped asparagus. As always, I altered the recipe for the asparagus a little, but it was still D-to-the-liscious!

After, we decided to ride around LaGrange to discover things. We ended up at Sugermeyer’s Sweet Shop and Ice Cream Parlor downtown. This place has all my favorite things: cupcakes, pastries, ice cream, coffee, candy (basically all sugar-filled things).  {Yes, this is a shameless plug to make you want to come visit us.} After much contemplation, we both went with ice cream. What’s funny is the ice cream I decided on was the same thing two small children (maybe 4 and 6 years old) who were in line after us wanted to order. I guess that makes my taste in ice cream a little childish?? We also drove to West Point Lake, and let me just say, I was impressed. It may not be as huge as Lake Martin, but it is nonetheless an awesome, pretty place!

One super exciting thing that happened is we tried out our first church in LaGrange. We went to this beautiful church, First Baptist Church On The Square. We found their church family to be extremely friendly (I’m talking major friendly). They also loved that we were Auburn fans, as about 20 different people told us so. The pastor was born and raised in England, which is totally awesome, but I found myself picturing him as a Beetle. Guess I should try to focus a little more next time! This is the gorgeous church.

Last night was a super chill time for us. We were both quite tired since Josh had been working all weekend, and I too had been doing some serious home-work. Don’t worry though. I still made time to make spaghetti (my go-to quick meal) and this yummy Banana Cream Pie. It is super, super easy, and super, super cheap! Only 5  ingredients!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was splendid! Was it? Was it?


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