At It Again…

Remember this post when JRB scared the mess out of me and I hit my elbow? Well, he is at it again. Only this time is wasn’t malicious. After we returned from Charleston, we ate dinner, watched The Bachelorette (P.S. I’m distraught that Sean was let go. Crazy girl!), and had some good hangout time. Josh got a phone call and went to our guest room to talk, so I began cleaning, organizing (still in boxes. Eeesh!), and getting things in some kind of order. After I finished cleaning for the night, I began my nightly routine. Every girl has one, right? Wash your face, brush your teeth, put on pi’s. That’s mine for ya.

While I was washing my face (With my Clarisonic brush, I might add. Ladies, if you don’t have one, get one. It makes your skin feel like silk. Love it.), Josh came in to get the phone charger. Because I unpacked for the both of us, he didn’t know where it was so he tapped my shoulder mid face wash. Holy cow I screamed/ squealed so loud!!!!

I know it sounds crazy, but that really is a fear of mine. My mind always goes to: what if while I’m washing my face and my eyes are closed someone comes in? The same thing goes for while I’m in the shower. When Josh tapped my shoulder, he honestly was just wondering where the phone charger was, but got a small victory in scaring the bejeez out of me. In all of the commotion, I got face wash in my eyes and all in my hair.

Just wanted to share how pathetic/ jumpy I am and how Josh wins even when not trying. One day I will be brave, and he will scream like a child. One day….

P.s. If you haven’t read this post from yesterday, I suggest you do. If you’re wondering why, let this picture do the talking. Charleston, baby!


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