Weekend Update: Charleston, Root Beer, and Findings

JRB and I took an extended vacation this weekend to Charleston, South Carolina. We had such a great time catching up with friends, basking in the sun, and playing lots of games! Here’s a little bit of what went on:

We couldn’t drive through Atlanta without stopping at the Varsity for chili dogs and greasy french fries. Since I went without a hotdog on the Fourth, I see this stop as a makeup.

We also ate dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant in Charleston on our way in. I kinda sorta left my sunglasses there Friday night and went all Saturday wearing Josh’s Maui Jim’s. True to fashion, Mr. Bierman saved the day by calling the restaurant, figuring out my glasses were there, and driving 30 minutes to get them for me. Hubby Points Awarded: 35,893,742

On our way back from retrieving the sunglasses, we stopped by a grocery store to buy root beer and cream soda. As I hope you all know, it’s not vacation for the Biermans without Cheerwine, root beer, and/or cream soda.

The guys were REALLY into Bocce Ball. Here is Mr. Bierman doing his thang! (Even though turns out, he won’t be going pro anytime soon.)

If there is one thing Josh loves, but doesn’t get to do often it’s fishing. I’m so pumped that he had an opportunity to fish with his friends. Fish count: 3 sharks and 2 baby, I mean GINORMOUS, fish

For those of you who don’t know, Mr.  Bierman and I have puppy fever. Yes, we realize we have only been married 2 months and haven’t established any routine and having a dog right now is not wise. But we still REALLY want one!! So much so that we sometimes pretend we are already owners. (I can’t even begin to explain this one. Just think we’re weird, and move on.) That being said, we LOVED having time to hang out with sweet Georgia (pictured above) and seeing how the Funderburks live as dog owners. This may or may not have pushed us over the edge to wanting a pup so badly it hurts.

Sunday night we went into downtown Charleston for dinner and entertainment. It was there that we found this sweet (no pun intended) little shop. It had gelato, clusters, homemade Reese’s cups, fudge, and caramel apples. Holy awesomeness!

The hubs and I. As you can see, we went after the gelato! Getting healthy begins tomorrow. Or the next day.

Parting shot. This was taken this morning before we left. Those figures you see out at in the ocean are Josh and a friend. Those sweet feet in Chacos you see resting on a beach chair are allllll mine! So thankful for a relaxing weekend, time spent with friends, and much needed sunlight. Hooray for tan lines!


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