America, Six Flags, FUNderburk Birthday

Happy Fourth, everyone! I know I’m a day late, but did you honestly expect me to blog on our nation’s birthday?? Yesterday was such a fun day for Josh and I. Anytime you can get together with your friends, wear crazy/tacky things, and ride roller coasters is a good time. And that’s exactly what we did. Last week, Britt’s wife messaged a group of us who live close to Atlanta asking if we would want to go to Six Flags for his birthday. {By the way, how lucky is Britt to be born on July 4th. It’s like the ENTIRE nation celebrates with him every year!} Without a doubt, Josh and I jumped on this train (roller coasters? Duh.). What made it even better is Josh’s other friends were planning on making t-shirts to commemorate Britt’s birthday, and Ellis had buy one, get one free coupons for the park. Once again, roller coasters, tacky t-shirts, and coupons will always get the Biermans to attend.

This was our view walking in. I have NEVER been scared of riding roller coasters. From the time I passed the height requirements, I was obsessed with them. However, yesterday I figured out that the older you get, the more realistic/contemplative you get. I found myself wishing I was an engineer/physicist so I could figure out how I wasn’t going to die.

This is the front of the HILARIOUS shirts that were made. All of the girls had stars, and the guys had navy. The guys were easier to see/read, but I will say the girls were much more festive.

The guys. Oh, the guys. Don’t know if you can tell, but Britt is SUPER thrilled that we all wore his face all day. (Insert, sarcasm here) No, but he really was a great sport. The day could never have gotten boring when these four were wearing these shirts. One of my favorite moments was when all of the girls decided to sit out a roller coaster, so the guys all rode together without us. Seeing them exit the ride, laughing hysterically, wearing matching muscle tees had to be one of the top 10 funniest things I’ve ever seen. It really pays to have a husband with awesome friends because they become your friends. And I must say I’m pretty pumped to call these guys my friends!

All in all, our Fourth was so much fun! Yes, it was hot, but it would’ve been hot anywhere. And another fun thing I learned is that Six Flags is very calm on the Fourth. I have literally never been to an amusement park that had shorter lines than we had yesterday. There were several times that we never waited in line. We just walked right onto the ride. From the Biermans to you (although it’s a day late) Happy Fourth!!!

What did you do for Independence Day?? Any hotdogs? That’s the only thing that was missing from my Fourth!


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