Weekend Update: The Grange, Exhaustion, Sketchy Hotels

We have completed the move. With blood, sweat, and almost tears, we painstakingly loaded and unloaded our lives all in one day. We DEFINITELY could not have made it without all of the sweet, super awesome people who helped us. I’m just imagining Josh and I carrying our two sofas up to the third floor…. Impossible. It literally could not have happened without help.

I don’t know if my body is just getting older (I know, I know. I’m only 22, but that’s still not a high school body) or what, but today I just hurt. It sounds pathetic but even my fingernails hurt from scraping off so many stickers! I’m caught in this place where my mind and spirit want to keep working so badly. All I want to do is put things on the wall and organize, but my body is screaming, “SLEEP!!! LET ME REST!!! SIT DOWN!!!” That being said, if anyone wants to donate to the “Paige Needs a Spa Day” fund, please feel free to do so. (Just kidding…. kind’ve)

For those of you wondering, no, our apartment isn’t put together yet. There are still boxes everywhere, and this morning we had to dig through them to get dressed for the day. The apartment is in total disarray. However, these are the two things that look the best, and even they will probably be changed. But here’s what we’re working with right now.

I (Actually, my dad) took the doors off this kitchen cabinet because our kitchen was in desperate need of some color AND I just think our dishes are pretty.

One of the major selling points for this apartment was the built in bookcase. I love that I can display a lot of our books, frames, etc. without buying another piece of furniture. And no, we aren’t parents (little girl in picture frame on bottom shelf).

Several funny things happened this weekend. Friday, Josh and I traveled to Birmingham to see some friends and then go to a wedding on Saturday. Excluding honeymoon (which I feel doesn’t count), this was our first hotel as a married couple. We were both pretty pumped and feeling major mature. Well, in true Josh-Paige fashion, we waited until Friday at about 1 p.m. to book a hotel. Since we were a little hurried, we found one online, booked it, done. Immediately, Josh realized that we could have gotten it for $20 cheaper on another site. That’s strike one. Then, we get there and Josh realizes this is a hotel that he used to stay at with BRHS’s wrestling team. No offense to the wrestling team, but hello. Major red flag. This is where sweaty, we-don’t-care boys stayed for a public school’s sports tournament. Yea, not looking good. Before we even get to our room, our key doesn’t work so we are forced to enter through another door. Then, when we get to the hotel, I realize they don’t provide lotion or conditioner, just “conditioning shampoo.” This may sound bratty to some of you, but ladies help me out. Conditioning shampoo is NOT the same as shampoo and conditioner. That has to be some product that a penny-pinching man invented. To continue, the lights flickered like they do in horror movies and a police officer was conducting an investigation as we were leaving. All in all, not the best hotel experience, but we have learned our lesson: don’t wait to the last minute and shop around.

The last funny thing involves us moving. I, without a doubt, love clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. I’m a girl. That’s how we roll. I would even go as far as saying that I have a lot of clothes (because I do). But compared to many other girls that I know, I am very middle-of-the-road. I buy middle of the road clothes (No, I’m not buying designer, and I shop sales hardcore). But I will admit that I probably do have too much. I should clean out some, but  like I said it’s very moderate compared to some other girls I know/have seen. Anyways, yesterday I was putting up dishes when they guys were unloading my car, which was full of clothes. On several occasions they were like, “Paige. Got enough clothes?” Embarrassing. And Josh later told me that I freaked out some of the single guys who were helping us. Apparently, they were thinking I had an insane amount of clothes, and Josh was like, “Actually, she really doesn’t. Guys, this is pretty normal. And one day you’re going to get married, and your wife will probably have this many clothes too.” Needless to say, I think I may have scared a couple of guys into waiting an extra two years until marriage. Whoops!


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