The New Addition

This will be my last blog post from Auburn. Sad, yes. But super exciting as we will be beginning a whole new adventure as Georgia/ Eastern Time residents. To say the least, this week has been a doozie as the next two weeks will also be. Josh began working, so three days this week he left me to travel up the Interstate to West Point. I’d like to say I wasn’t the least bit sad and enjoyed the time alone, but that just wouldn’t be true. In true puppy dog fashion, I frowned when he left and was anxiously waiting for his return.

Since he was at work three days, that left a lot of the packing responsibilities to me. Once again, I’d like to say that I hated every minute of it and had a horrible time packing, organizing, and throwing away, but that just wouldn’t be true. I LOVE  going through things, organizing boxes, and especially throwing things away. Don’t worry, Josh did his part too. He got us renter’s insurance, set up our power and cable, lifted heavy things and did some organizing of his own. While yes, this is the biggest time-consuming thing that happened this week, left me inform you on some other special treats:

Tuesday night was my night to plan our weekly date. Since it was our last week in Auburn, I decided to go with a “typical” Auburn date theme. That means, of course, we started with dinner at Amsterdam Cafe. Then, we headed over to Chill for dessert, and finished with a movie (Stimulus Tuesday, might I add). What movie did we see??? Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Josh LOVED it. It was so over the top and not historically accurate at all, but Abe did kill a lot of scary vampires with his ax. This doesn’t spoil the movie, but I will say my favorite part is when Harriet Tubman appears in the middle of the woods to save Abe and the gang from vampires. Here’s the trailer for those of you who are curious.

Wednesday night was quite chill as we watched umpteen thousand episodes of Big Bang Theory. This occurred after slow pitch men’s softball was on ESPN. It was like an addiction; we couldn’t turn the tv off! My favorite line of the game was when the announcer said, “That’s his SECOND three-run homer of the fifth!!” Yes, this man hit TWO three-run home runs in the fifth inning, not the entire game or series, but in the one inning. Hilarious.

Thursday was the big day for us. WE BOUGHT A WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER!!! Wooo!! This was our first major purchase (excluding apartment, but that doesn’t count) as a married couple. For those of you who gave us Home Depot gift cards, this purchase was made less expensive by you. Thank you! It was so fun, and we felt like such mature adults. That quickly ended when we celebrated with ice cream, but still. It was a fun thing to do. Here we are posing with our new washer and dryer.

Happy weekend, folks! Hope it is SO wonderful. Think of poor pitiful us on Sunday when it is 102 degrees and we’re moving.


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