Weekend Update: Friends, Big Bang, and Funny Bones

This weekend was quite the special one for the Mr. and I. You see Sunday marked a week until we MOVE TO LAGRANGE. Ahhh! Guess what. Nothing…let me repeat, NOTHING, is packed. Cool, right?

We had fun anyway! We had friends come stay with us in our swanky college apartment. Don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely thankful that we have our sweet, little home in Auburn because it was so convenient and nice to come back to. However, it is weird walking in and out to the car with my husband when I run into people who still have a year + in college. It’s great. Love them, BUT not exactly what every new husband/wife thinks of when they think of their home. I also sense a bit of judgment from the people who don’t know Josh and me. I think they think we’re shacking up together. Awkward.

Anyways, Friday, as you saw on this post, was an awesome day because A.) Josh and I went on our day date to Chawacla B.) we ate these yummy granola cupcakes C.) I was featured on Today’s Letters D.) All of the above.  We also had a bit of a funny happening. You see I asked Josh to got to Kroger for soy sauce (I was making an impromptu chicken stir fry). Upon his return, not only did he have soy sauce, but he also bought this GINORMOUS coffee cake ring. Trying to watch my figure since I’ve added a little love to my hips after the wedding, I was like, “Josh!! Why did you buy that???!!! What the heck?!” His response: “What? It was $4, and doesn’t it look AWESOME?” Who can argue with that? Let me tell you, it looks AND tastes awesome. Here’s to burning off the 2348939473 calories I’ve eaten in yummy, cinnamon coffee cake.

This baked oatmeal/ granola is super d-lish. And fairly simple to make. Warning: Next time I will cut the recipe in half because I made 24 of these things and STILL had batter left over. Otherwise, awesome breakfast/ snack.

Saturday was also a fun day in that Josh got to have some quality guy time, and I got to have some quality girl/pool time. My tan needed updating since my skin hasn’t seen sunlight since our honeymoon. Whoopsies!

Then, Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Isn’t it the best day? Ours began with Panera breakfast and church. Then came lunch with legitimately half of FBCO’s college ministry. {Note: the best part of the entire lunch was watching the Hamiter’s middle child, Gray, walk up to people and “scare” them by saying, “Boo!” Gray is 2-working on 3- and hasn’t exactly perfected the art of stealth. He would get your attention to tell you, “Shh! and then tap you to say, “Boo!”} And then it finished with Josh and I eating mac-n-cheese while finishing season 4 of Big Bang Theory.

Well, I say our day ended like that, but that’s not exactly true. You see, I was washing my face/brushing my teeth to get ready for bed when I thought I saw Josh come into the room. I was going to turn and walk out of the bathroom to ask him some Big Bang Theory trivia, when all of a sudden he appeared right up in my face and yelled, “Boooo!!!” I literally tensed every muscle in my body after jerking my elbow into the door and squealing like freshman girls reuniting on Auburn’s concourse. Josh immediately began laughing hysterically. I, on the other hand, was laughing/ trying to get over the fact that my funny bone isn’t really that funny and my heart had run to Egypt and back. When I was finally able to compose myself long enough to stand up straight Josh looked at me and said, “I got all of my inspiration from Gray Hamiter.” Love that my 24-year-old husband can derive humor from an almost 3-year-old. Being serious here. Love. That.


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