In the spirit of being on Today’s Letters post today, I think I’ll write in letters. I don’t typically do this. In fact, I’ve only done it once in this post, but…. I love Em Loerke, so why not write like her today??

Dear hunk of mine, I love our Fridays!! Your willingness to work on our marriage and spend hours in conversation with me makes me feel loved and cherished. Dear Mama and Papa, thanks for my new beast of a machine!!!! Really, I love my new, 15-inch, silver bullet macbook; however, Josh may love it more since the very first thing he did this morning was spend a solid 20 minutes trying out all of its new stuff.  I could be fighting for it for a while. Dear legs, why you hurt so bad??? All I did was attempt to keep up with Mr. Bierman on our jogs and in the trails. Am I really that far behind? C’mon, legs, let’s pick it up! Dear nature, you are the perfect reminder that our God is a beautiful, incomprehensible Creator. Thanks for getting me to focus on something other than myself. Dear hubs (my final letter), I love that you A. eat my cooking (even when it stinks-literally- like Tuesday night) B. can run really really fast C. watch random things like documentaries on the Amish, Auburn’s national championship game, and Hutterites D. All of the above


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