Keeps Getting Funnier

Taken when we first began dating (2010), this picture shows that we really aren’t normal.

My hubs is a funny guy. He is super quirky and into some different things, which leads to laughter…lots of it…often. Here are some examples from the last week.

1. About a week ago, Josh and I went on a walk. I believe we were talking about moving and our days when completely out of the blue he says,”You know what would be the worst way to die? Death by dragon breath. Especially if they were baby dragons so it would be a slow burn.” WHAT?!?! This was completely from left field, and what am I supposed to say back to that?! I just started laughing and said, “You’re right. That would be the worst.”

2. This next funny thing comes from our time watching The Bachelorette. That show has always been my guilty pleasure. Yes, I am fully aware that it is immoral, and I would NEVER recommend anyone to be on the show or date in that manner, but it does make for some interesting tv. Now that Josh is married to me, it’s a tv show that he now has to watch. It’s called compromise. I watch NBA Finals and Sportcenter; he watches The Bachelorette. What makes that scenario even funnier is that he has begun to get into it. He’s a great judge of character so he points out the bad guys immediately, and so far he hasn’t been wrong!! But anyways, we were watching the show one week, and this is what Josh said in response to one of the contestants, “A man should only use the word sweet in referring to a dessert.” I thought it was pretty sound advice.

3. About a week ago, Star Trek was on tv, so we OBVIOUSLY watched an episode. I’ve never watched an episode, so I had no clue what to expect. However, I heard the alarm sounding, and it triggered something in me. I realized that the alarm sounded EXACTLY like Josh’s alarm on his phone. I asked him about it, and he humbly admitted that he had downloaded that alarm. What?! My husband sought after an alarm from Star Trek to be his phone alarm?! Hilarious. He also confessed that some of his ringtones come from the video game, Metal Gear Solid.

4. And finally, last night before we went to sleep Josh says,” You know what midnight means??” And I say,”No, what does midnight mean?” He replies, “Midnight marks one month away from Dark Knight Rises. Who’s excited?? This guy!” Yep, I’m slowly peeling back the layers of this guy that I married, and it gets funnier and funnier.

He really does make me laugh A LOT.


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