Yesterday Mr. Bierman and I celebrated (well, kind’ve) our monthiversary. It actually got started as a way to not feel guilty and then we took it to the extreme (aka we splurged all day and our excuse was, “Oh. We’re celebrating!!) The first case started at lunch. We could’ve made sandwiches or omelets, you know something pretty small and a little bland, but we were craving something more. After a little convincing, I talked Josh into Big Blue Bagel (my Auburn fave) for lunch. It was on the way there that we decided that it was fine that we were eating out for lunch since 1. we aren’t having a date night this week 2. it’s our monthiversary. Then after lunch I was really craving a GiGi’s cupcake, so we took this “Day Date/ Monthiversary” to the next extreme when we said it was fine to get one of those too. We were, of course, celebrating. After splitting a wedding cake cupcake, we were guilt-free (minus me thinking of the calories I had just taken in) all because it was “Day Date/Monthiversary.”

After work, our Monthiversary continued when we went with friends to Hunter’s Pub for dinner. Hunter’s Pub is the best place to get a steak pretty much ever. Josh and I LOVE going here and taking people here. We actually had Hunter’s Pub to celebrate our marriage the Thursday before the wedding festivities began. What makes Hunter’s Pub so great is obviously their steak, but they also have the BEST steak sauce and peanut butter pie. I literally have never had anything like it. For an appetizer, we eat Hunter’s Pub Sauce on crackers. For our entree, we put Hunter’s Pub Sauce ALL over our steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. And then for dessert (this is the best part, in my opinion), we get their homemade peanut butter pie. I’m telling you, it’s one of the greatest tastes you’ll ever have. We were so happy to take our friends, William and Christy, there for their first time! I’m pretty sure we made believers out of them since we all groaned the whole way back to the car after eating so much.

Here’s the crew outside of Hunter’s Pub. Yes, this is the restaurant, not a sketchy bait shop. I think its unglamorous appearance makes it even better.

This is how much Hunter’s Pub Sauce was at the table when we arrived.

After a massive amount of crackers were eaten.

And it’s gone. I know it’s a little disgusting, but this just illustrates how yummy it is.

This is one happy man. I know it may not look like it, but this face screams that he is feeling good. He just devoured a steak, potatoes, green beans, and a roll. Plus he had a couple bites (maybe more than a couple) of peanut butter pie, all the while with his lovely wife (that’s me!) and awesome friends. I know I’m new at this whole marriage thing, but after a month one thing I’ve learned is that a well-fed husband is a happy husband. Thank you, Hunter’s Pub, for making this man happy! And Praise the Lord for this wonderful month of marriage! Here’s to 298734209384r7342 more months to come!


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