Weekend Update: Lagrange, Movies, Coffee

Well guys, WE FOUND A HOME!!! (Thought I’d start this post with the most important information) Josh begins his job the week after the Fourth of July (so July 9th, I believe) and we wanted to be moved by then. So come July 1, we’ll be hitting the road to Lagrange. This weekend consisted of Lagrange, Lagrange, Lagrange.

Friday we went apartment hunting and took some time to familiarize ourself with the area. We found that we were blown away by the cool boutiques and restaurants Lagrange had to offer. After looking at some of the apartments on Friday, we stopped for some lunch and a cupcake in Lagrange’s dreamy downtown. We walked around the square and discovered that I LOVE this place.

We chowed down on delicious pizza. I’m expecting many date nights here.

Then Saturday we headed BACK to Lagrange to meet some of our other possible apartments. It was on this day that we fell in love with one place and made the decision to live there. This day didn’t come without much love from our coffee pot though. Thank you, Biermans, for giving us these awesome cups for Valentine’s Day this year!

After another long day of apartment hunting, we went back to downtown Lagrange for a peaceful walk in our new city. We also decided to walk (yes, I said walk) to the local CVS for sodas and candy before the movie. We saw “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and it A.) showed us that you NEVER know what to expect when you’re expecting B.) confirmed that we DEFINITELY aren’t ready to be expecting any small child C.) made me tear up and laugh numerous times D.) All of the above

We may have to increase the Movies/Entertainment portion of our budget. The theater is really cool!

As previously mentioned, Mr. B and I will be moving July 1 to Lagrange. We are crazy excited, a little nervous, but SO ready. If you know anything cool that we should do there or know anyone who might want to be our friend, hook a sister up!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Lagrange, Movies, Coffee

  1. Paige – did you know Brooke and her husband (and soon to be Haddi Beth) live in Lagrange!! She loves it there! She works part time at Plum Southern, which is right off the square. They live on College Avenue which is the street before the cross walk at the college – if you’re going out of town. I know she would love to see you and invite you and your husband to church. There church is Broad Street Church of Christ and its just a few blocks down from the square and a couple of blocks from the college. So happy for you and your husband!! You’re going to love LGeeze (our nickname)!!

    • I did know that! I’ve been messaging her a good bit to figure out where to live, what to do, etc. We were actually looking at a place that was one street over from their new house! I’m so excited for Haddi Beth, as I’m sure you are too, soon-to-be grandmother!

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