You Guys are the GREATEST!

I’ve really been feeling the love lately from everyone. I have had so many people (all sorts of different people) tell me that they love reading my little ol’ blog. And I just want to tell you guys…. THAAAAANNNNKKKK YOUUUUUUU!!!!

Really, I began this as an outlet. I wanted to be able to write about whatever I want and whatever I love (mainly Jesus and Josh). I also wanted to live life in front of you guys. I am friends with SOOO many people on Facebook, and most of them I probably haven’t talked to face-to-face in a year. That’s not to say we aren’t friends, but it’s not like a girl can be bff’s with 3,000 people. While certainly I don’t blog about all things (I needs some secrets too!), I do however want to be completely real. I want to share the up’s (Josh getting a job!) and down’s (when we didn’t have one) with you.

For all of your support and encouragement, thank you. I love to write, and it makes writing so much more fun when other people read it. You guys are the greatest! Please continue reading because I’m sure a lot of good stuff is to come in our move! If you don’t well…….

My ploy to keep you reading


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