Weekend Update: In Sickness and in Health

This weekend:

Josh was sick, so I played Nurse Paige. I don’t like it when he’s sick. It’s not nearly as much fun. Instead of going outside to play, we stayed inside and watched tv and movies. Whenever he finally was feeling better I felt like a puppy that had been left in its cage for too long. Get me outside!!! Let’s do something!!!! Attention!!!! For my sanity, let’s all pray Josh doesn’t get sick again for a LONG, LOOOOOONG time.

Saturday night, we went to a beautiful wedding. Photos above. Yes, that is banana pudding in mason jars, a make-your-own lavender to-go bag, and a sweet arrangement for the bubbles that were used in their getaway.

We also watched our wedding video. Photo above. I may or may not have teared up.


Josh accepted a job offer at Point University!!!!!! Point is smaller, private, Christian university. It’s main campus has been in East Point, Ga near Atlanta, but this school year it is moving to West Point, Ga. So, yes, Auburn friends,  we will still be fairly close. West Point is near Lagrange, so we will only be roughly 40 minutes away. We are beyond excited for this great news. It is so neat to see how the Lord has worked in his acceptance of this job. We have learned a lot about patience and trusting the Lord and his sovereignty. He is such a great Father, and we are super pumped to pick up our stuff and head to the Eastern Time Zone.


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