The New Addition

This will be my last blog post from Auburn. Sad, yes. But super exciting as we will be beginning a whole new adventure as Georgia/ Eastern Time residents. To say the least, this week has been a doozie as the next two weeks will also be. Josh began working, so three days this week he left me to travel up the Interstate to West Point. I’d like to say I wasn’t the least bit sad and enjoyed the time alone, but that just wouldn’t be true. In true puppy dog fashion, I frowned when he left and was anxiously waiting for his return.

Since he was at work three days, that left a lot of the packing responsibilities to me. Once again, I’d like to say that I hated every minute of it and had a horrible time packing, organizing, and throwing away, but that just wouldn’t be true. I LOVE  going through things, organizing boxes, and especially throwing things away. Don’t worry, Josh did his part too. He got us renter’s insurance, set up our power and cable, lifted heavy things and did some organizing of his own. While yes, this is the biggest time-consuming thing that happened this week, left me inform you on some other special treats:

Tuesday night was my night to plan our weekly date. Since it was our last week in Auburn, I decided to go with a “typical” Auburn date theme. That means, of course, we started with dinner at Amsterdam Cafe. Then, we headed over to Chill for dessert, and finished with a movie (Stimulus Tuesday, might I add). What movie did we see??? Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Josh LOVED it. It was so over the top and not historically accurate at all, but Abe did kill a lot of scary vampires with his ax. This doesn’t spoil the movie, but I will say my favorite part is when Harriet Tubman appears in the middle of the woods to save Abe and the gang from vampires. Here’s the trailer for those of you who are curious.

Wednesday night was quite chill as we watched umpteen thousand episodes of Big Bang Theory. This occurred after slow pitch men’s softball was on ESPN. It was like an addiction; we couldn’t turn the tv off! My favorite line of the game was when the announcer said, “That’s his SECOND three-run homer of the fifth!!” Yes, this man hit TWO three-run home runs in the fifth inning, not the entire game or series, but in the one inning. Hilarious.

Thursday was the big day for us. WE BOUGHT A WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER!!! Wooo!! This was our first major purchase (excluding apartment, but that doesn’t count) as a married couple. For those of you who gave us Home Depot gift cards, this purchase was made less expensive by you. Thank you! It was so fun, and we felt like such mature adults. That quickly ended when we celebrated with ice cream, but still. It was a fun thing to do. Here we are posing with our new washer and dryer.

Happy weekend, folks! Hope it is SO wonderful. Think of poor pitiful us on Sunday when it is 102 degrees and we’re moving.


Mi Madre es THE BEST!

Today’s my mom’s birthday, and I am pumped! For those of you who don’t know, I LOOOOVVVEE birthdays! I probably get as excited (if not more excited) for birthdays than I do for Christmas. But this post isn’t about me, it’s all about Mom.

My mom and I have always been really close. Being a teacher and coach, she always had breaks at the same time as me. Therefore, we have lots of memories at water parks and on go-carts during the summer. For a couple summers in a row (I was maybe in second grade), we vowed to do something we had never done each week. Those summers were the greatest because not only did she allow me to drive places I had never been on my go-cart, but we went to zoos, the Capitol, museums, and cool restaurants all over the state.

I see so much of myself when I look at her. Without a doubt, we look a lot alike, but we also share an almost-too-much competitive drive, love of all sweets (including sweet potatoes- neither my dad or Josh like them. bummer), and a knack for getting into things we aren’t supposed to be in (her advice is always, “Act like you know what you’re doing, and other people will think you do.”). It is from these similarities that together we have taken on the role of player/coach for 4 years. Yes, for four years she was my coach in both softball and volleyball. Some other fun things include me using the restroom at the Federal Reserve in D.C. while an armed guard stood outside my door. Yes, my mom talked them into letting me in when they really aren’t supposed to have outsiders. We’ve gotten in free at too many softball tournaments to count. My mom once saw Jenny Finch (U.S.A. softball player) and not only talked to her, but got to hold her hand and look at her new engagement ring. One time we went to visit someone at their incredible mansion, and being the Griswolds that we are, we drove up their walkway thinking it was the driveway. Whoops!

This is an example of my mom getting us into stuff. Alabama’s former coach, Gene Stallings , was on our plane, and my mom befriended him even getting our picture taken with him.

One time in Chicago, my mom dropped her camera on an overhang (pictured above). As you can see, we didn’t think it was funny at the time, but now it’s hilarious.

Talk about competitive. When we went to the Grand Canyon, my mom kept slipping on the ice and falling, but she insisted she wasn’t falling. She was “sitting down.” This is a picture of her “sitting down.” You be the judge.

We honestly have too many memories to count. Through the thick and thin, good and bad, funny and sad, she’s been there for me and has been quite the encouragement. I am so glad that she was able to be there with me the WHOLE week of my wedding in May. There was a time when I didn’t know if she would be with me at all. When I was in sixth grade, my mom has a massive heart attack at the high school where she works. The paramedics and E.R. staff had to revive her three separate times. Our family was told to say our goodbyes because she would not make it through the night. Luckily both of my parents are fighters, and my dad wouldn’t take that as a final answer. He got my mom transported to a hospital in Birmingham where she was in ICU for more than a week. Once she regained some strength, she underwent triple bypass surgery, and about two weeks later she came home. That really was the best Christmas ever because all we wanted (Mom to be home and well) happened. Another bonus was that she had to sleep in a recliner in our living room, so for months I got to sleep on the couch too!

In conclusion, this day is exciting because it’s a birthday. It’s my mom’s birthday! But this day is especially exciting because there were days when we weren’t sure she’d have another birthday. I have no clue why I am the lucky girl who got to keep her mom when others lose theirs. But whatever the reason, I am so thankful. Happy birthday, Mom!

Weekend Update: Friends, Big Bang, and Funny Bones

This weekend was quite the special one for the Mr. and I. You see Sunday marked a week until we MOVE TO LAGRANGE. Ahhh! Guess what. Nothing…let me repeat, NOTHING, is packed. Cool, right?

We had fun anyway! We had friends come stay with us in our swanky college apartment. Don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely thankful that we have our sweet, little home in Auburn because it was so convenient and nice to come back to. However, it is weird walking in and out to the car with my husband when I run into people who still have a year + in college. It’s great. Love them, BUT not exactly what every new husband/wife thinks of when they think of their home. I also sense a bit of judgment from the people who don’t know Josh and me. I think they think we’re shacking up together. Awkward.

Anyways, Friday, as you saw on this post, was an awesome day because A.) Josh and I went on our day date to Chawacla B.) we ate these yummy granola cupcakes C.) I was featured on Today’s Letters D.) All of the above.  We also had a bit of a funny happening. You see I asked Josh to got to Kroger for soy sauce (I was making an impromptu chicken stir fry). Upon his return, not only did he have soy sauce, but he also bought this GINORMOUS coffee cake ring. Trying to watch my figure since I’ve added a little love to my hips after the wedding, I was like, “Josh!! Why did you buy that???!!! What the heck?!” His response: “What? It was $4, and doesn’t it look AWESOME?” Who can argue with that? Let me tell you, it looks AND tastes awesome. Here’s to burning off the 2348939473 calories I’ve eaten in yummy, cinnamon coffee cake.

This baked oatmeal/ granola is super d-lish. And fairly simple to make. Warning: Next time I will cut the recipe in half because I made 24 of these things and STILL had batter left over. Otherwise, awesome breakfast/ snack.

Saturday was also a fun day in that Josh got to have some quality guy time, and I got to have some quality girl/pool time. My tan needed updating since my skin hasn’t seen sunlight since our honeymoon. Whoopsies!

Then, Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Isn’t it the best day? Ours began with Panera breakfast and church. Then came lunch with legitimately half of FBCO’s college ministry. {Note: the best part of the entire lunch was watching the Hamiter’s middle child, Gray, walk up to people and “scare” them by saying, “Boo!” Gray is 2-working on 3- and hasn’t exactly perfected the art of stealth. He would get your attention to tell you, “Shh! and then tap you to say, “Boo!”} And then it finished with Josh and I eating mac-n-cheese while finishing season 4 of Big Bang Theory.

Well, I say our day ended like that, but that’s not exactly true. You see, I was washing my face/brushing my teeth to get ready for bed when I thought I saw Josh come into the room. I was going to turn and walk out of the bathroom to ask him some Big Bang Theory trivia, when all of a sudden he appeared right up in my face and yelled, “Boooo!!!” I literally tensed every muscle in my body after jerking my elbow into the door and squealing like freshman girls reuniting on Auburn’s concourse. Josh immediately began laughing hysterically. I, on the other hand, was laughing/ trying to get over the fact that my funny bone isn’t really that funny and my heart had run to Egypt and back. When I was finally able to compose myself long enough to stand up straight Josh looked at me and said, “I got all of my inspiration from Gray Hamiter.” Love that my 24-year-old husband can derive humor from an almost 3-year-old. Being serious here. Love. That.


In the spirit of being on Today’s Letters post today, I think I’ll write in letters. I don’t typically do this. In fact, I’ve only done it once in this post, but…. I love Em Loerke, so why not write like her today??

Dear hunk of mine, I love our Fridays!! Your willingness to work on our marriage and spend hours in conversation with me makes me feel loved and cherished. Dear Mama and Papa, thanks for my new beast of a machine!!!! Really, I love my new, 15-inch, silver bullet macbook; however, Josh may love it more since the very first thing he did this morning was spend a solid 20 minutes trying out all of its new stuff.  I could be fighting for it for a while. Dear legs, why you hurt so bad??? All I did was attempt to keep up with Mr. Bierman on our jogs and in the trails. Am I really that far behind? C’mon, legs, let’s pick it up! Dear nature, you are the perfect reminder that our God is a beautiful, incomprehensible Creator. Thanks for getting me to focus on something other than myself. Dear hubs (my final letter), I love that you A. eat my cooking (even when it stinks-literally- like Tuesday night) B. can run really really fast C. watch random things like documentaries on the Amish, Auburn’s national championship game, and Hutterites D. All of the above

Keeps Getting Funnier

Taken when we first began dating (2010), this picture shows that we really aren’t normal.

My hubs is a funny guy. He is super quirky and into some different things, which leads to laughter…lots of it…often. Here are some examples from the last week.

1. About a week ago, Josh and I went on a walk. I believe we were talking about moving and our days when completely out of the blue he says,”You know what would be the worst way to die? Death by dragon breath. Especially if they were baby dragons so it would be a slow burn.” WHAT?!?! This was completely from left field, and what am I supposed to say back to that?! I just started laughing and said, “You’re right. That would be the worst.”

2. This next funny thing comes from our time watching The Bachelorette. That show has always been my guilty pleasure. Yes, I am fully aware that it is immoral, and I would NEVER recommend anyone to be on the show or date in that manner, but it does make for some interesting tv. Now that Josh is married to me, it’s a tv show that he now has to watch. It’s called compromise. I watch NBA Finals and Sportcenter; he watches The Bachelorette. What makes that scenario even funnier is that he has begun to get into it. He’s a great judge of character so he points out the bad guys immediately, and so far he hasn’t been wrong!! But anyways, we were watching the show one week, and this is what Josh said in response to one of the contestants, “A man should only use the word sweet in referring to a dessert.” I thought it was pretty sound advice.

3. About a week ago, Star Trek was on tv, so we OBVIOUSLY watched an episode. I’ve never watched an episode, so I had no clue what to expect. However, I heard the alarm sounding, and it triggered something in me. I realized that the alarm sounded EXACTLY like Josh’s alarm on his phone. I asked him about it, and he humbly admitted that he had downloaded that alarm. What?! My husband sought after an alarm from Star Trek to be his phone alarm?! Hilarious. He also confessed that some of his ringtones come from the video game, Metal Gear Solid.

4. And finally, last night before we went to sleep Josh says,” You know what midnight means??” And I say,”No, what does midnight mean?” He replies, “Midnight marks one month away from Dark Knight Rises. Who’s excited?? This guy!” Yep, I’m slowly peeling back the layers of this guy that I married, and it gets funnier and funnier.

He really does make me laugh A LOT.

Happy Weekend

In the last two days I’ve felt incredibly productive. These are some things I’ve done:


I decided I wanted to make fish tacos, but didn’t want to go to the grocery store for any ingredients that I didn’t have. Thus, I created my own fish tacos recipe! I feel that the real sign of a cook is not following directions, and whatdya know?! I did it!


I also organized the Mr. and my life. I got this idea from this post on Today’s Letters (my fave blog). Granted, Josh and I don’t have a will or power of attorney or lots of other important documents, but I organized what I could! This is incredibly useful because now whenever I need to change my name (which I also did this week) or get a new driver’s license (which is on the list of to do’s), all of my documents are in one, easy-to-find place. Now the only thing we need is a fire proof box to put our binder in.


Mr. Bierman and I also took the morning today to invest in some quality us time/silence and solitude. We headed out to Chewacla State Park with my tumbler of coffee and these awesome homemade egg McMuffins (I changed the recipe a little on them too!) to eat and talk with this view. Really, is anything better than drinking coffee, eating homemade egg McMuffins, and spending time with your lover boy? I think not. This is something Josh and I try to do often through walks, dinner dates, etc. We like keeping each other informed on our highs/lows of the day, what the other is doing well, and what the other could step up their game on. This really is so helpful and always leaves us knowing each other just a tiny bit better.


My soul waits in silence for God only; From Him is my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation, My stronghold; I shall not be greatly shaken.

Psalm 62:1-2

Happy Weekend, Folks!!!