Weekend Update: Redneck Yacht Club, Feasting, Friends

Our trip began Friday afternoon. First highlight: Cracker Barrel. Where our waitress Jessie (pronounced “Jeussie”) messed up my order and never brought us plates for our biscuits. It was fine though because we had wonderful company, bottles of Cheerwine, and rocking chairs (just like our engagement photos!)


After arriving in Mobile and staying up late chatting with friends and watching Duck Dynasty, we drank lots of coffee Saturday morning. Notice Josh and my mugs read, “Morning Gorgeous” and “Morning Handsome.” Fitting, if you ask me.

After breakfast we headed to the beach to meet up with other friends. Our day consisted of eating Nutter Butters and Cheese-Its, hanging in the ocean, and talking on the beach while soaking up rays. Not a bad Saturday at all! Sunday after church we headed back to Orange Beach to chill at our friends’ condo. They also spoiled the Mr. by letting him drive their boat! Notice that bling on his finger. I liked it, so I put a ring on it.


During our boat ride we decided to “redneck yacht club.” This consisted of anchoring the boat and wading on the sand bar. This led to an awesome time and great conversation. One thing I loved about this trip is that the girls and guys definitely stuck together. I had some of the best, girly conversation, and you know what?! I LOVED every minute of it. I do love pillow talked with Mr. Bierman though! Below are Josh and I after being crowned champions of cornhole at a condo cookout.


All in all this weekend was a major success. We feasted like kings at True Midtown Kitchen, Twist Cupcakes, and the Memorial Day cookout at the condo. We also had some good quality (and quantity!) conversation with some friends I know will turn into “aunts” and “uncles” for our future kiddos. (I say “aunts” and “uncles” because I’m an only child and Josh only has one sibling. Our kiddos need to have more than one uncle! We’ve/I’ve decided that all close friends will be referred to as “aunts” and “uncles.”)


Oh how I wuv my hub!

Parting shot: hubs doing his “model shot” at Mobile Bay. Must say he’s quite the looker and has the fierce eyes woooorkiiiing!



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