The Mystery of the Thermostat

The infamous thermostat. And my first Instagram photo. Just call me artsy. And follow me- PRBierman.

If you read the side panel of this blog, you see that the Mr and my favorite thing to do is snuggle in blankets. While, yes, this is fun in and of itself, we normally are obligated to because we’re both so dang cold all the time! My feet are permafrost (Sorry, Josh). That being said, it’s pretty important for us to be able to control our room temperature. We both prefer to sleep in the cold, but don’t want to be frigid cold during the day. Since returning from our honeymoon we’ve been the exact opposite. We’ve been huddled together in blankets during the day and burning up, throwing the covers off at night.

I know what you’re thinking, “Paige, why don’t yall just bump up/down the thermostat??” My response, “Do you honestly thing two college graduates haven’t thought of that?” (Cocky, I know) Josh has on several occasions played around with the thermostat, clicking buttons, flipping switches, etc, and nothing has changed. We cannot control our air. It’s like our apartment complex is a communist organization.

Josh even asked me to give it a try since I lived here two years before him. If ANYONE knows ANYTHING about the living situation in this apartment before it became the Biermans’, you know that I NEVER touched the thermostat. Literally, I cannot remember ever touching it. Each bedroom heats and cools differently, and my room was the one that pretty much stayed in the middle of the hot/cold range so I never had a reason to mess with it. However, when Josh asked me to try my hand at making the cold air quit blowing directly on us, I failed. I pressed a couple of buttons and nothing changed. Whoops!

We had just about decided that we were getting Punk’d when Wednesday night happened. We were lying in bed attempting to go to sleep when Josh frustratingly threw the covers off. He finally reached a point where he couldn’t take the heat anymore. I told him to give the thermostat another try, and he was like, ” I’ve attempted to everyday at least five times. It won’t change.”

Suddenly, it hit me. I had changed the thermostat once. When I say once, I’m not exaggerating. I only changed it once. But when I did, I had to hold the button down. To make the temperature rise, I had to hold the up arrow button until the numbers flashed!!! Excited, I told Josh, and he said, “You’ve known that this WHOLE time???” Whoops! I guess I kind’ve had know it this whole time. Needless to say, we conquered the thermostat and now have full control over the temperature of our apartment. Feels great to be in charge! And remember my previous statement about being two college graduates? Well, it took us five days, with a combined 2 bachelor’s and a master’s degrees, to figure out our thermostat.


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