May 12: Behind the Scenes


May 12 was too big of a day to not blog about. It was, in fact, so big that I will most likely blog about it more than once…or twice… or five times. Today I want to inform you guys on what was going on behind the scenes.

After rehearsal dinner, I tried to go to bed at 11:30 p.m. Next thing I know it’s 1 a.m. and I’m STILL not asleep. I guess I was a little excited or something?? Then, the morning of May 12 I woke up at 6 a.m. I tried and tried and tried to go back to sleep, but it simply wasn’t happening. When I woke up I was alarmed with the chance of rain. The fountain at Fountainview Mansion (where our reception was and where the bridesmaids and I stayed the night before) was right outside my bedroom. When I woke up I heard the fountain and immediately started freaking out because I thought it was raining. It took a minute or two to realize it was only the fountain, but that dang thing fooled me several times that morning. Little did I know the fear of rain would soon become real.

I went into my mom’s room and found her looking at the weather forecast. That day the chance of rain was 40% from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m. and then went to 50% until 9 p.m. Since our ENTIRE reception was based outdoors, this freaked us a bit. We called the National Weather Service, googled every major weather network, but came up with no clear direction on what to do. I was beginning to panic when Mrs. Jan (my mom’s bff, my second mom, and hair teasing extraordinaire) said, “Well, Paige, the whole reason for today is marriage and fellowship. And the way I see it, rain or shine, we’re going to get married and fellowship.” I repeated that to myself over and over and over. May 12 was more than an event. It was the celebration of our MARRIAGE. Rain can’t take that away. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think/worry/agonize over the weather for the next couple of hours because I did have my moments of near breakdown, but all-in-all I was pretty chill.

As you can see, we really were super chill. This wasn’t posed. We literally decided to sit in the floor of the dressing room. As for the photo on the left, I was probably checking the weather. {}

Getting ready was a blast! Although it took me 5 tries to get my hair completely dry, it all turned out exactly how I pictured. Mrs. Jan did my hair, which I LOVED, and my friend Ginny did my makeup. This wasn’t a new thing for either of them since Mrs. Jan has done my hair for almost forever, and Ginny has been my go-to for makeup since sophomore year. What was so odd though was the feeling I got when it was really time to put on my dress. I couldn’t stop smiling and butterflies were going crazy throughout my tummy. I had put this dress on several times for dress fittings, but getting to put it on and actually keep it on was SO exciting. I couldn’t stop smiling and twirling and looking at myself in the mirror.

That goofy grin on the right was plastered on my face all day. I felt like a little girl in her Easter dress time a zillion.

More updates to come on our wedding day, but I just wanted you to prep with me! This day was so fun and so encouraging. I am so so thankful that God not only richly blessed me with a stellar partner, but also provided us with the best families, hilariously awesome friends, and an uplifting support system. Alex City  rocked out at the Robinson/Bierman wedding!


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