The Cheesecake Dilemma

After quite an extended vacation from blogging, I’m back!!! Please forgive me for my absence. You see, I WAS GETTING MARRIED! Yes, the countdown is over, and I’m officially a Bierman. Never been better. I, without a doubt, plan on giving a rundown on the events/emotions involved in the events of May 12. However, I really just don’t have time today. Today, I want to share a nice little story about my new HUSBAND (I’m still not over that.)

For those of you who don’t know, Mr.Bierman LOVES cheesecake. I’m talking LOVES cheesecake. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, what flavor it is, what shape it is. He loves it all. That being said, when it came time for him to choose a grooms cake he would have nothing besides cheesecake. So, we set out to Montgomery and found it for him. At the wedding, he had a jumbo New York style cheesecake with 4 other smaller ones including the following flavors: chocolate, strawberry, Andes mint, and Reese’s cup. I definitely think he was pretty pumped to marry me, but I was in competition with the cheesecake as number one exciting thing on May 12.

The first slice of cheesecake taken with my bouquet.

This is what happened. After our dance and my dance with my dad, Josh and I were making our way to cut the cakes. We cut mine (which is D-to-the-Liscious strawberry cake), and then went into the other room to cut Josh’s. When we got there, we saw that the cake table was clear and all that was left was a few crust crumbs and small amount of spilt cheesecake on the surface of the table. Seeing that my handsome groom could’ve easily cried, I took my finger and wiped the left over cheesecake up and that was our “cutting the cake.” Apparently the cheesecake was such a hit, it was ALL eaten before we even made it to the reception! Great compliment, I guess, but Mr. Bierman was on the verge of a breakdown.

All throughout the honeymoon whenever cheesecake was brought up, Josh instantly lost the wind in his sails. It really hurt my heart because I knew he was SOOOO excited about indulging in cheesecake at the wedding. We tried every bit of cheesecake the resort had to offer, but it just wasn’t the same.

Here’s where the story gets good. When we arrived back into the States, my mom texted me saying she left us some fruit and Josh a surprise in the refrigerator. I pried a bit and discovered that she had gotten cheesecake for him! Friday after the wedding she had driven to Montgomery to Liger’s Bakery to return the cake stand. They asked how the wedding/ cake was, and she told them the story about Josh’s cheesecake. Luckily, the owner was there and had a cheesecake in the oven. He told my mom that if she could wait around for a little while he would give her the cheesecake for FREE!!!

So, when Josh and I got home I got him to look in the refrigerator. When he saw the cake box, I could see that a little bit of hope was ignited. Then I took it out of the box, and it was like a kid on Christmas. He was so pumped and we, of course, ate slices right then. Since then, we’ve put chocolate syrup on top (chocolate cheesecake) and crumbled up Andes mints with chocolate sauce. I am so thankful for the kindness of Ligers and my sweet mom for bringing this to Josh. I fully realize it’s a little silly that cheesecake is being made such a big deal, but isn’t it really the small things in life??


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