Lately I’ve noticed that writing letters to people, things, and feelings is the new craze. This is probably because Today’s Letters (my ABSOLUTE, WITHOUT A DOUBT favorite blog) has become so popular. I’m not typically one for doing what others do (why I haven’t read Harry Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games), but today I’m just feeling like writing some letters.

Today's Letters

Dear Mr. Bierman, I know I may not have acted like it, but The Avengers was great! And it was even greater wearing the t-shirt. Dear Auburn, it’s been a great 4 years, but GET ME OUTTA HERE! No offense. Dear Mom, thank you for exercising with me and allowing there to be silence. You understand that sometimes all a girl needs is cardio and The Today Show. Dear Self, wait FOUR more days and then you can eat all the desserts you wants in Mexico with the Mr. Until then, chill out on the sugar cravings. Dear Trace Hamiter, PLEASE for the love of all things good don’t get stuck in Guatemala. Our wedding needs a 6-foot-2, sarcastic minister, and that means YOU. Dear roomies, thank you for being patient with all of the arts and crafts projects hanging out in our living room. It’ll be gone so so soon. Dear Josh (yes, you again), in FOUR days you get to call me your wife, you lucky thing! I’m excited about our new titles, not having to drive each other home, and figuring out how to buy food for the two of us.

As meantioned earlier, Josh and I spent our last Saturday as an engaged couple watching The Avengers with friends. Holy awesomeness!


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