My Strange Fear

Ok. I’m going to confess this. I know it is weird, but here it goes. One of my biggest fears is walking in front of people. I know. I know. We walk everyday, so do I walk in a constant state of fear? No. Not really. The big thing is walking alone in front of a group of people. 

I think this all began in high school. The athletes and cheerleaders shared a gym, and the athletes (I was one of those. Boo yah!) had to walk the length of the gym to go to the weight room. No, I wasn’t afraid of the cheerleaders. However, there was this big mirror on the other side of me, and I just think the combination of humongous mirrors, cheerleaders, and the doom of the weight room got to me. Anyways, since then I’ve hated walking in front of people.

This includes when a teacher calls out your name and you have to walk to the front of the class to get your test. My hands get clammy, and my stomach starts churning. I just can’t stand it. 

After getting engaged and realizing that not only was I going to have to walk in front of people, but all of those people will be standing and staring at me, I had a minor freak out. Since then I’ve been trying to get over this fear of mine. Luckily, one of my classes this semester made up walk to the front of the class, so that was practice. 

Today I was a “model” for roommate Camilla’s fashion presentation. She has been working on this fashion line (bridal. Great timing, right?), and needed someone to model her two bridesmaids dresses. So today I pranced down a “runway” in front of an auditorium for them to all look at me/the dress. You know what? It wasn’t THAT bad. Yes, my palms got sweaty and I was REALLY nervous, but I made it. I survived!

Another couple of things are going on this coming up week. Ever heard of graduation?? Yea, I do that on Monday. So, Monday I will prance across stage, shake Jay’s hand, and conquer my fear. All of this before I walk down the aisle to accept Josh’s hand in marriage. By the way did you know that is in 8 days??? Read that again. EIGHT days. That means tomorrow= 1 WEEK. 

Holy moley Batman! I think I can. I think I can. 


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