Back at ’em

Well, I took a weeklong vacation from blogging. I thought about blogging often, but whoops! I just never did. Remember that time about a week ago when I said I was calm? Yep. Not anymore. We are in full wedding/graduation mode. Just to catch you up to speed I’ll be doing a week update through numbered lists:

1. Last week I had my last small group. We met on Monday and did affirmations. This is something I did in China last summer and loved it, so we decided to do it as a small group. Basically, you just go around the circle and encourage, affirm each person. I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing this. It really makes all involved parties leave feeling better than when they came. I think it is a great thing to incorporate into our lives, marriages, friendships, small groups, teams,etc.

2. Josh was out of town last week only for a day, and you would’ve thought I was having some kind’ve crisis. I woke up at 6:30, couldn’t fall back to sleep and was extra needy whenever he came back. Since when did I turn into a puppy?

3. I’ve also been keeping my boss’s kids a couple of afternoons a week. Last Thursday was my last day of keeping them. Well, when I went to the girls’ school to pick them up from unicycling (yes, they do unicycling, and it is AWESOME.) one girl was missing. We searched the school and got an intercom call, but she never showed up. Come to find out she had ridden the bus home on accident. Frantically, I drove their house. When I got there, she met me at the car apologizing over and over and over. The best part is that when I asked her what she had been doing she told me she had finished her homework and started with her chores. Dear future kiddos, please make mine and Mr. Bierman’s lives easier by willingly doing homework and chores. Love, not-ready-for-you-yet mom. 

4. Friday night my roommates, another friend, and I went to the Les Miserables. Never seen it? Heard of it? Me either! But I went, and really enjoyed myself. I  must say it was difficult to sit for 3.5 hours, but it was really worth it, and now I feel more cultured. Also, side note: before Les Miserables, we went to eat at the Piedmont Driving Club in Atlanta. Once again, I had an excellent experience sitting on the deck, overlooking the park, and having solid time with my friends. However, when our caesar salads came there were whole anchovies on it. That’s without a doubt the first time I’ve ever moved anchovies from my salad plate to my bread plate.

5. Saturday, I attended a bridal shower for a sweet friend, ate my weight in breakfast casserole and grits, had my FINAL hair trial, and did wedding arts & crafts. That night I went to see 5-Year Engagement with my bff and maid of honor, Valerie. Although there were some really really great parts, I give the overall movie a B-. It’s definitely a renter, not a go-seer.

6. Monday I picked up my dress!!!! It’s here!

7. Yesterday began with makeup shopping and breakfast with another bff, Ginny. Never did I know that I could have so much fun and make such great conversation with the makeup counter ladies. I think that is a testament to a good friendship. Ginny and I always do something girly together and make no apologies for it. She’s definitely my go-to for all things girly and glamorous, including but not limited to: manicures, pedicures, shopping, magazine reading, watching E! and massages. Later that afternoon JRB and I attended marital counseling and attempted to get a marriage certificate (yea, that’s real.) I say attempted because we didn’t succeed in getting the license. We actually went to the wrong place! Whoops. But today is the day! Yesterday was also an A+ day because I got to hangout with my favorite 5-year-old Taylor. She is the ultimate diva because A. she has more college friends than I do B. she rocks a bob haircut C. she loves all things floral and shiny D. her dress will be ready for pick-up AFTER mine. But really, hanging out with her is such a treat. After her dress fitting, we went to Laredo’s and she insisted on having cheese dip (which maybe I’m exaggerating here, and I insisted on the cheese dip) and milk. Who knew you could get milk at a Mexican restaurant??? I now know you can because of Taylor Hamiter. What was extra funny about this is Josh came for dinner with us, and I’m pretty sure the whole restaurant thought she was ours. Granted, if I was going to have a 5-year-old she’s my number 1 pick, but still…. I don’t even have a wedding band yet. Hold on, world!

Glad I’m back on the blogging train! Wish us luck as we finish marital counseling, meet with our wedding planner, and attempt for the second time to get a marriage license!!


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