Weekend Updates: Hufflepuff, The Varsity, and Calmness

I don’t really have a specific thing to blog about today. Things are calm-ish. This is odd since we’re EIGHTEEN DAYS away from marriage, but oddly enough I’m not lying. Things are calm. Who knows, tomorrow I could blog about the woes of ribbon, dresses and paper products, for today things are great!

Since I don’t have a particular topic, I thought I would just discuss what’s been going on lately. This weekend was my bachelorette party. Now before you start envisioning me in a sash and tiara with a checklist of to-do’s, that’s not how it was. Not that I think bachelorette parties like that are inherently wrong, but that would of been so wrong for me. I am incredibly thankful that my friends know me well enough to know that chilling together is all I wanted. And chilling is what we did. We went to my roommate’s lake house, and it rained, and we sat in t-shirts and pajama pants the majority of the time.

Some highlights of the weekend were:

1. We all got sorted into houses at Hogwarts. Yes, we created accounts on Pottermore and took the sorting quiz. We all obviously wanted Gryffindor, but only 4 were lucky enough to get that honor. I, on the other hand, was name a part of the Hufflepuff house. For those of you not into Harry Potter, Hufflepuff is a bit of a let down. Not that they’re horrible, but they are often described as the nice and loyal ones aka boring, not that great. When I hear the word Hufflepuff I think of big, fat marshmellows floating around or those people who are “so nice,” but you only say that because that’s all you can think of. Luckily I wasn’t alone in being a Hufflepuff. The quote of the trip was,” YOLO. I’m a Hufflepuff,” and this was usually said while stuffing our faces with brownies.

The Hufflepuff crest. Yes, I’m a badger. Whatever. YOLO, I’m a Hufflepuff. At least, I’m nice and loyal.

2. It rained really, really hard for a solid 2 hours. This means we got to lounge around and watch “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

3. However, the sun came out for about 2 hours, so we also got to sit out in our swimsuits. So nice. So peaceful.

4. We went to dinner at this really great pizza place. It was like a team-building activity to figure out what pizzas to order to suit everyone’s tastes, but we did it! Also, this guy offered to buy every single girl a drink, but he never spoke to any of us or even acted like he saw us. This, my friends, is what you call SKETCHY.

5. On the way back from the lake, we stopped at The Varsity in Atlanta. This was my first time going, and I must say it brought me back to my public school lunchroom experience. There was yelling, lines, stress, and even desks. However, the chili dog and onion rings more than made up for it! I say The Varsity is D-to the- Liscious!

It was a little stinky to come back to real life where school and finals are pending. However, each day gets me closer to summer, graduation and marriage! Wooo hooo!! Bring on May!


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